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Health Benefits That Iodine Has

Health Benefits of Iodine
Health Benefits of Iodine
It is said that in a usual day, we shed 100 – 125 hairs. This is normal. But condition of sudden or abnormal hair loss is bad. And it is really hard to find out the reason for this hair loss. But tougher job is to boost your hair growth.
Reasons for hair fall can be many, like gout medication, crash diet, blood thinners, chemotherapy, and sudden hormonal changes, surgery, pregnancy, emotional stress, too much vitamin A or Iodine Deficiency. 

Yes, Iodine Deficiency is one of the major causes of hair loss which people don’t take seriously. It is a worldwide and widespread problem. Iodine is really an important element for hair growth in today environment which is so polluted.

The problem of Iodine Deficiency is a very serious problem which started when the food industry replace Iodine with Bromine 40 years back. Bromine is a processed food enhancer which is widely used today in cookies, pastas, breads and many other bakery items. 

Iodine is really important for hair growth. Iodine, in combination with iron, zinc and magnesium is often said to be the best hair growth minerals which you can take in order to get healthy and lustrous hairs. 

 In order to avoid hair-loss, you need to fulfill the Iodine requirement of your body. If there is iodine deficiency in your body then it may cause you hypothyroidism. In this disease, the cell metabolism in body slows down therefore hair cells do not receive the energy which is makes them function properly as required. If you have Iodine deficiency you may not only have hair fall, but it can also make you lose your eyebrow hairs.

Iodine is said to be a key element for hair growth and strength. While the table salt which we consume in our daily life has some amount of synthetic iodine. But it is advised that you intake nascent and vegetarian form of iodine. 

Some of the benefits of Iodine for hairs are as follows:

Iodine has the ability to restore your hair. Many of you all be wondering how?

Actually, Iodine when consumed kills the fungus which eats the end of hair follicles. It also contains some potent antiviral, anti-parasitic & antibacterial properties which help you in maintain the health of your scalp. 

Iodine also stimulates the growth of thyroid, Thus it helps in boosting your hair growth and maintains their strength. 

Because of its Antibacterial and anti-parasitic properties, it also helps to fight the infection on your scalp, which clears the roots and follicles. This automatically makes a way for hairs to grow on a fast pace.

Iodine also prevents dry hair, hair loss and hair graying problem. 

Iodine makes your hairs thick and strengthens them from roots.

There are many supplements that are available in the market which are great to fight with the problem of hair loss. But it is very important that you determine and consume the correct amount of Iodine. Excessive consumption Iodine is bad too. It decreases the flow of blood and hinders the growth of thyroid gland. 

It is also toxic if used too often. 

Let me give you a tip regarding the consumption of Iodine, which would surely help you in a nice way. To boost-up your hair growth and prevent hair loss, you are advised to intake iodine for three to four days. Then you should stop eating for next 4 days and after that, you can start again. This procedure is advised because it helps to follow the body’s natural cycle. Iodine protects and detox the body. It also heals and repairs, while your body requires rest. The break of four days in between will help to sustain the body’s natural cycle which would enhance the effects of Iodine. From person to person the amount of consumption of Iodine differs. If you are opting to consume iodine supplement, for this you must strictly follow rules on it, or else consult your physician.
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