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Check Out These Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts

Health Benefits Of Cashew Nuts
We all love to eat cashew nuts. In India we call it as 'Kaju'. They are widely used to garnish fruits and curry. Shake prepared from cashew also tastes very well.
Cashew nuts are good source of vitamins, anti oxidants and minerals which are required for good functioning of our body. Cashew belongs to Brazil but it is bought to India by Portuguese.
Health benefits of Cashew nut are as follow:

Prevent from cancer

Cashew contains flavonols which are known as proanthocyanidins which is very beneficial to fight with tumor cells. Cashew nut contains high amount of copper thus it helps to fight against cancer cells and helps to prevent from colon cancer. 

Good for healthy heart

It has low amount of fats as compared to other nuts. Fats in cashew are in the form of oleic which is very good for healthy heart. This nut is full of antioxidants and is cholesterol free thus it helps to keep you away from heart diseases.

Reduces high blood pressure 

It contains good amount of magnesium which is very necessary for reducing high blood pressure. 

Good for hairs

Cashew nut contains good amount of copper. Copper is very important to maintain color of hair. People who intake cashew will have black hair.

Good for healthy bones

Cashew nuts are good source of magnesium and calcium which is very important for bones health.

Good for nerves

Cashew nut contains good amount of magnesium thus it stops calcium to enter in our nervous system. Calcium is stored at inner surface of our bones. Thus cashews are good for our nerves.

Prevent from gallstones

People who intake cashew nuts daily have 25% of less risk from developing gall stones.

Reduces weight

Cashew nut contains good cholesterol. Thus people who eat cashew will reduce weight than the one who don’t. 

Anti Oxidants

Cashew contains magnesium, copper, selenium etc which are very good anti oxidants.

Good for digestion

Cashew nut contains nucleic acid synthesis which is good for digestion. 

High on vitamins

Cashew nuts are excellent source of pantothenic acid, niacin, thiamin, riboflavin etc. these vitamins will keep you safe from pellagra, sideroblastic anemia etc.

Good for gums and teeth

It contains good amount of magnesium which is very good for our teeth as well as for healthy gums.

Gives pleasant sleep

Consume cashew nut daily for pleasant and relaxed sleep during night.

Eliminate free radicals

Cashew nut is very beneficial and is good for utilizing iron properly in our body. Thus helps to fight from free radicals.

Mascular degeneration

Cashew nuts contains essential nutrition which is used to fight from sun’s UV rays thus protects from muscular degeneration.

I hope u all loved health benefits of cashew nut.

These were some health benefits of cashew nuts. I love from today you all will consume cashew nuts regularly.

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