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Waxing at Home

Waxing at Home
Waxing at Home
We all love to have mirror finished skin. To wear our favorite minis or off shoulder top we want to get rid of unwanted hairs from our body. Waxing is the best solution to have smooth and mirror finished skin.

You can try for razor and the cream to remove those hairs but they will cause your skin rough and dark and it has many side effects too. 

All ways it is not possible to visit to parlour for waxing right? It is just because of lack of time. You can do waxing at your home only. In market you can get many brands which sell their packed wax products. 

There are 2 kinds of wax, 1st hot wax and 2nd cold wax. It is so difficult to choose among them. 

Hot and cold wax

Both of these waxes are made up of same ingredients. Base of the wax is basically beeswax or paraffin. Lubricator and a resin can be a fat or oil.  In wax fat is added to make process smooth while resin is added to make wax adhere so that hair strands better.

Many companies add fragrance or colors to make wax more appealing to the customer. Hot wax need to be melted while cold wax is in semi solid form so it is used directly.

It is your choice who to use wax.

Disadvantages and Advantages of hot and cold wax.

Hot wax


Hot wax will stick on your hairs nicely.

You can remove hair nicely and you can apply single. 


Hot wax is painful.

Hot wax is messy to use.

Hot wax need to be heated at right temperature or else your skin will burn your skin.

Cold wax


This is available in pre packed form and many strips is available in different shape and sizes. 

Cold wax is less painful.

Cold wax is cleaner than using a hot wax.


It does not stick on hair nicely like hot wax.

You need to repeat the process for better application.

Cold wax will make your skin red and it irritates a lot.

I hope now you are sure which wax you need to use.

I love to use hot wax and here is the procedure to use hot wax at home.

Before waxing makes sure that your hair is at least 1/4th inch long.

Clean the area which you need to be waxed. 

Take talc and apply it to be waxed area.

After hot shower never wax.

If your choice is hot wax, then here is the procedure on how to wax at home. 

Take plastic knife and spread the wax at the skin which needs to be waxed.

Take wax strip to wax.

Rub the back of wax strip 2 to 3 times and the pull the strip opposite direction of the hair. 

Follow same procedure till all the hairs are removed.

After wax, take the shower and pat dry your skin.

Finish the procedure by applying toner and moisturizer to reduce inflammation.

Girls these were some simple steps to do wax by yourself.

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