Monday, October 6, 2014

Best Beauty Tips for Indian Girls

Beauty Tips for Indian Girls

Indian girl is known for her beauty, she not only follows her tradition but also look fashionable. There are many Indian women, who had won beauty pigment. Some of them are Aishwarya Rai, Susmita Sen, Lara Dutta, Dia Mirza etc.

Friends read and follow latest Indian girl beauty and fashion tips are as follow:

Smile: Smile is the most attractive expression of Indian girl. Her smile brighten up others day and I am sure, you will feel energetic too.

Stretch: Stretch is very important part of Indian girl fitness routine. She stretches her body as much as possible.

Exercise: Indian girl exercise for at least 20 minutes in a day to boost her energy level and to reduce bad stressors. Some Indian girls go to gym but many prefer to continuously walk for around 20 minutes in a day. Even she does mopping the floor to keep her fit. 

Drink water: Indian girl love to drink water, in a day she drinks at least 10 glass of water. Water helps to clear her system. Consumption of water will make your skin radiant. 

Rest: Rest is essential part of daily routine of any Indian girl; they take break during day time and sleep at night. Doing rest from work space helps to keep them focused and fresh. 

Learning: Learning is very important accept of any Indian girl. They learn many things daily. They take help of books, online etc.

Use homemade products: Indian girl usually go for herbal or homemade products as they are pure and has no side effects.

Fruits: Indian girl consume as much as fruits they can as this helps them to keep energetic and gives them glowing skin.

Respect elder: Indian girl always respect their elders and guru as they made her stand in the position they are.

Happy life: Indian girl believe in living happily as this helps them to stay fresh and cheerful. 

These were some tips followed by Indian girl. If you know some more points, do share with us. 

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