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Fitness, Makeup And Beauty Secrets of Brazilian Women

Secrets of Brazilian Women

We all know that Brazilian women are considered to be most attractive women in the world. It’s not only about their looks and their genes but they eat healthy too.

Today in this post will share with you some beauty, makeup, fitness and diet secret of Brazilian women:

Brazilian Beauty Secrets:

Carrot juice: Brazilian women have gorgeous body which you may be thinking that they tan their body by scorching under sun; you don’t want to stay under sun to burn yourself. Simply consume carrot juice for 2 weeks before getting tanned. Carrot contains beta carotene which is very helpful in promoting tan and will give you natural glow skin. Planning to buy tanning lotion? Then buy lotion that contains carrot.

Beetroot Juice: Brazilian women have radiant skin which is really indispensable part of her beauty. Secret behind this gorgeous beauty is beetroot juice. Beetroot is rich in antioxidants and many vital nutrients. This helps in enhancing their blood circulation throughout their body and keeps their skin cells healthy. If you too need radiant skin like Brazilian women then include beetroot juice in your regular diet.  

Beach Sand: Brazilian women love to scrub their body with sand from beach as this beach sand has many benefits. Regularly massaging skin with san helps to purify the body by removing waste materials. This massage helps to stimulate their overall blood circulation which helps to revitalize their skin and makes it flawless and lively. This massage also disintegrates fat tissue from their body which helps to reduce their cellulite to a large extent. 

Goji Berry and Acai Berry: Berries are another beauty secret of Brazilians. They love to consume goji and acai berries as it helps to keep their skin beautiful and young for a long time. These berries are rich in antioxidants which prevent them from signs of ageing like age spots, wrinkles, fine lines etc. 

Brazilian Makeup secrets

Secrets of Brazilian Women

Bikini wax: Brazilian women are very popular for skimpy bra and a sexy thong. The secret behind her beauty is bikini wax. 

Brazilian Blowdry: Brazilian women go under hair treatment called as Brazilian blowdry which gives them silky smooth hair. This treatment is also known as Progressive blow dry and Escova Progressiva. In this treatment frizzy and curly hair is infused with keratin protein which gives them graceful and luscious locks.

Popular cosmetics brands: Amazon rainforest is located in Brazil which is great source of plants and herbs which are very beneficial for their hair and skin. Well known beauty brands like Aveda, Natura, MAC, Kiehl etc use potential ingredients like black cherry, crabwood, acai berry, Brazilian nut, Urukum seeds and many more is used in their beauty product.

Brazilian Fitness Secrets:

Body shaping massage: A Brazilian woman goes under weekly massage treatments which is very helpful for their fitness. This massage helps in improving blood circulation in body which reduces cellulite, eliminate problem of water retention, flushes out all toxics, boost health and reduces stress.

Brazilian Butt Lift: Brazilian women loves taut n toned body which is overall bony structures and butt lift which is secret behind their perfectly toned figure. With Leonardo Carvalho workout program, they easily go under cosmetic surgery and augmentation treatments which help to lift their butt without bulking thighs. 

Brazilian Diet Secrets:

Sucos or Beauty Juice: Brazilian women eat well to look well. They love drinking juice which is rich in antioxidants like acai berry, acerola, graviola throughout the day to enhance their beauty from inside.

Non vegetarian food: Brazilian never loves vegetarian food. They love to eat non vegetarian which is full of proteins like chicken, pork beef, churrasco, fish, sausages etc. But they prefer salted food marinades or slow roasting food.

Rich and Beans: Brazilian diet is rich in carbohydrates. Risotto style rice spiced with garlic and salt is very popular in Brazil. They love to cooked beans too.

So will you follow their beauty secret?

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