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Fashion met folklore, as Global Desi presented its A/W 2014 collection ‘MiMaMo’ At the Myntra Fashion Weekend

Anita Dongre
Mumbai, October 2014: Global Desi celebrated the colourful and timeless Indian arts, as it beautifully synergised ‘Mithila, Madhubani and Mosaic’ elements with contemporary styles for its A/W 2014 ‘MiMaMo’ Collection - an eclectic range of chic, stylish and fashion-forward outfits, showcased at the Myntra Fashion Weekend on 4th October 2014.

Global Desi presented its A/W 2014 collection ‘MiMaMo’
The collection is infused with symbolic folklore imagery, which is an intrinsic part of Madhubani art, such as the lotus plant, moving fish, birds, turtles etc. that symbolise wellbeing, luck and prosperity. The collection satisfies your senses at all levels - cultural, sartorial and aesthetical – with graphic prints blended in a trendy array of contemporary silhouettes likes crop tops, palazzo pants, gaucho pants, skirts, jackets and maxi dresses in vibrant hues.
Global Desi presented its A/W 2014 collection ‘MiMaMo’

Talking about the ‘MiMaMo’ collection, taking to the ramp, Sangita Rohira, COO, Global Desi, said, “We are happy tohave ​showcased​the ‘MiMaMo’ collection at the Myntra Fashion Weekend. The collection is a sartorial amalgamation of Indian aesthetic and global fashion- appealing to the free spirited nature and infectious charm of the Global Desi girl.  The showillustrated​​the innate beauty of Indian art, blended with international trends”..

Global Desi showcased, the ‘MiMaMo’ A/W 2014 Collection, at 7.30 pm on 4th October 2014
Global Desi presented its A/W 2014 collection ‘MiMaMo’

About Global Desi  

Global Desi is an India-inspired young, colourful, boho-chic brand, with global appeal.  Any woman wherever in the world she may be – who loves, lives and breathes the vibrancy of Indian prints and influences, will find a little bit of herself in this label. The collection celebrates the modern woman and her zest for creativity. It is for a woman, who sets her own rules and her creativity is not bound by anything. She flaunts her identity with pride; is free spirited and leaves a lasting impression. The Global Desi collection is, predominantly India-inspired and delves deep into our rich heritage of colours, textures and prints, to combine them to create international appeal. Launched in 2008, the brand is currently available at exclusive brand outlets and multi brand stores across the country. 

Global Desi presented its A/W 2014 collection ‘MiMaMo’
Global Desi opened its first outlet in Mauritius in 2013. Plans are underway, to open stores in other destinations all over the world.
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