Friday, October 10, 2014

Freakishly and Fun Halloween Party Games

Halloween Party Games
We all love to enjoy Halloween party. We all love, tricks or treating and costumes in Halloween celebration. Today will share with you some simple and easy Halloween games.

Donut eating race

Children love to eat donuts. At a tree branch or at sturdy rod hang several donuts with string. At count of 3, kids need to eat donuts. The one who eats donut first will win the race.

Mummy Wrap

Into 2 team divided your party goers, and give them toilet paper roll or a fabric or a crepe paper. When music will be played on team member must wrap those materials from their head to toe and should leave head and arm free. Once they are completely wrapped the muumy must run as fast as they can to finish lines before others.

Eerie Pinate

Make Pinata before party begin and fill it with small toys and candy and decorate it as a jack o lantern or spooky ghost. During party tell everyone to swing until piƱata breaks and tell them to collect everything.

Mr. Skeleton Relay Race

Buy or draw simple skeleton on cardboard and cut out each separately. This you need to do before party begins. Make good enough so that team has all the set of skeleton parts.

Divide your party goers into teams. At opposite end of yard or room, place the set of bones. Let each member of team grab all the piece of skeleton when you play whistle. The team which has all the part of skeleton is the winner.

What’s in the Bowl?

This is a classic guessing game which is really fun to play. Take bowls and fill each bowl with pudding, jell-o, peeled grapes or spaghetti. Cover each bowl with orange and black and tell everyone to guess what is inside the bowl when they touch.

Bobbing for Apples

Take shallow bucket, fill it with water and add some apples and remember no hands are allowed.

Pin the Wart on the witch 

Have you seen a witch without wart? You need to put right spot at right place. 

Find the pumpkin

Hide the pumpkins at your party room and tell everyone to find pumpkin the one who find pumpkin will win a grand prize. 

Walk on the witch’s hat

This is a musical chair round.

Tricks and treats

Have magic words and tell kids to guess the words.

Scarecrow building

Buy all supplies to build scarecrow like old flannel, hay, burlap bag, shirts etc and tell kids to team up together. They need to build scarecrow in given time.

These were few games which can be easily performed. Have amazing Halloween party.

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