Friday, October 10, 2014

Best Nail Paint Colors for Halloween

Best Nail Paint Colors for Halloween

Halloween is very cool and entertaining holiday. Kids love to dress up in cool costumes and always excited to collect free treats, be it lollipops, candies, chocolate or chewing gums. Like kids adults too, have fun by spooking up themselves at their work and home.

This Halloween along with cool and sexy costume you must have fun nail polish too. In today’s article will share some nail polish shades that you can wear in this Halloween.

Here is Halloween appropriate and fun nail polish colors that can be used in Halloween nail art:

Black color – I love black color. Plain black nail polish shade is must in my nail polish collection. You can apply shiny and opaque black nail polish shade in 2 coats. You can wear plain black nail polish color at Halloween party if you don’t have much time or you don’t like nail art.

Orange color – Orange nail polish color goes well with Halloween party theme. By applying this shade you don’t need much nail art. To achieve spooky Halloween effect, you can use orange shade along with black shatter or crackle polish.

Sheer yellow color – Sheer yellow is ideal nail polish color for Halloween party. You can apply 3 coats of this shade to get the color what you need. You can use it with orange or white nail polish to create candy corn nail art.

Grey color – this grey nail polish color goes smoothly in this Halloween party theme. I love this grey nail polish color as it is so eye catching and versatile. You can use this nail polish color to create zombie and monster nail art design. You can apply this shade alone as well as it will give you dreary and dark appearance.

Deep purple color – this is very sexy and gorgeous color for Halloween party. Deep purple shade can be seen in many scary Halloween design. Use this nail polish color as a base color for a ghost, witch or a monster face.

Lime Green color - This color goes perfect with Halloween theme party. At night along with your black dress this color goes very well.

Have a happy and fun Halloween party. This is very fun to dress up and have cool nail polish color in Halloween party.

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