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Know How Cucumber Can Do Wonders To Your Health

Health Benefits of Cucumber
Cucumber is very crunchy and humble vegetable. It is best vegetable to beat the heat of summer. Cucumber has its origin in Indian Subcontinent. Scientific name of cucumber vegetable is Cucumis Sativus. It is super and best vegetable for overall health of human being.

Cucumber is harvested when it is tender and young. You can eat cucumber raw as well as cooked. Most of the peoples in India prefer to eat them raw mainly in sandwiches and Salad. Juice prepared from cucumber is all healthy and tasty.

In today’s article let us discuss about health benefits of cucumber. 

Fight with the constipation

Cucumber contains very low calories of around 15 grams in 100 grams. Cucumber contains no cholesterol. If you consume cucumber daily than it will be good remedy for chronic constipation.

Contains high fiber

Peel of cucumber is excellent source of dietary fiber. If consumed regularly than it prevents from stomach related diseases as it eliminate toxic compound from the gut.
Good for kidney and urinary bladder:

Cucumber contains 95% of water thus water in it is good for kidney functioning and promoting urinary bladder. If you have kidney stone consume cumber daily so that over a time stone will dissolve.

Good for digestion

Digestive problems like acidity, heartburn, gastric and ulcer in stomach can be cured by consumption of cucumber. Cucumber contains enzyme known as Erepsin which is good for digestion of protein.

Good for people who have low potassium content

Cucumber is good source of potassium as it contains 147 milligrams out of 100 grams. It is good for people who have blood pressure as it reduces effect of sodium.

Contains high antioxidants

Antioxidants like A carotene, B carotene, lutein and zea Xanthin is present in cucumber. Thus it is good for people who have age related problems.

Good for diabetic people

Hormones are present in cucumber. Thus it is needed by pancreas as it produces insulin. Thus it is good for diabetic people.

Good for teeth

Consumption of cucumber is good for eliminating bad breath. It releases phytochemical which is beneficial for killing bad breath by bacteria. It is also good remedy for gums diseases like weak guns and pyorrhea.

Friends these were few health benefits of cucumber which you all will love to know. Consume cucumber in your diet and stay healthy.

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