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Makeup And Beauty Secrets of Indian Women

Beauty Secrets of Indian Women
No one can deny the truth that Indian Women looks beautiful. An Indian woman looks healthy and flawless no matter where ever they live in the world.

Whenever I think of Indian beauty the picture that comes to my mind is a woman who is traditional, humble with beautiful long hair and a gleaming delicate skin. We Indian’s have maintained this image from centuries.

In today’s post will discuss few makeup, beauty, diet and fitness tips that keep Indian women so flawless and gorgeous.

Beauty Tips 

Amla Oil or Gooseberry Oil

This oil is extracted from fruit that is richest in vitamin C. Since many centuries this oil is applied by Indian women on their scalp and hair. Regular application of Amla oil will make your hair thicker, stronger and more beautiful. If you have, scalp or hair related problem than this oil will surely get relief. Amla oil acts as toner and relaxants to remove dark circles. Amla is used in many face packs by Indian women to remove dirt and oil from her face.

Besan or Gram Flour

Besan is one of the necessity ingredients in any Indian kitchen. Besan is also known as Gram Flour or Chickpea Flour. Besan has amazing exfoliating properties thus it is used by many Indian actress. Besan scrub is widely used by Indian Women to remove excess oil from their face and hair. Besan can be applied by mixing it in milk, cream or yogurt. These ingredients mixed with besan are used to make their skin soft, supple and hydrated. You can add lime water, honey or milk to make a good face pack.


Haldi is very well known Indian spice which is not only used in beauty products but also widely used in medicines and in cooking. It is also known as Turmeric. In Indians wedding ceremony haldi is used by brides and grooms to enhance their beauty. Haldi is used as its purify soul and body of Indian bride and groom. Haldi has antiseptic property in it which is widely used to treat skin rashes, inflammation, itching and infection. Indian women use turmeric to remove their skin tan, they mix honey, turmeric and lime juice together and rub throughout their body. Haldi is very beneficial in lowering the growth of pigmentation which encourages facial hair.


Kesar is widely used in Indian beauty products and in many Indian dishes. It is known as Saffron also. It is a spice which is grown in valleys of Kashmir. Kesar is orange and deep red in color. To raise body temperature of pregnant women, kesar is used. Saffron plays vital role in wedding rituals too. Kesar is very expensive and is useful in currying dry skin problems. To lighten the skin tone and to get fair and glowing complexion kesar is used in beauty products as well as it is consumed along with milk.

Rose water

Indian women widely use rose water in their beauty products. They call rose water as gulabjal. During Indian wedding, gulabjal is sprinkled over the guest while welcoming them. Gulabal acts as a toner and relaxants and removes dark circles. In many face packs, Indian women use gulabjal to remove oil and dirt from face.


Chandan is also known as sandalwood. It has acquired religious significant in Indian rituals. Chandan is added in many medicative and beauty products since ages. Indian women apply chandan paste for skin care. They believe that chandan removes spots, rashes, blackheads and pimples. 


Shikakai is also known as fruit for the hair in Ayurvedic. It is very beneficial in curing weak roots and dandruff.


Indian women use curd or yogurt in many Indian foods. Yogurt has many beauty benefits too. They use curd in many face pack. Indian women consume curd daily as it is good for curing stomach problems like digestion. 

Lip care

Indian women are blessed with perfect pout shape lips. In many special occasions they apply lipstick. They mostly use red and maroon shade lipstick as it suits their skin tone. Indian women also use ghee or milk cream as their ingredient in lip care as it gives soft and hydrated lips.


Indian makeup is incomplete without bindi. Many Indian women put red or maroon bindi on the center of their forehead. Bindi’s are available in many designes and shapes.

Well these were some beauty secrets of Indian women. So if you too want to enhance your beauty than follow Indian women beauty secret.

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