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Striking 7 Hair Color Options for Women With Black hair

Hair Color Options for Women With Black hair
Many of us have bad hair days which will keep your self confidence at bay. Black hair is not always boring, but trying so vibrant colors can elegant your glam factor. There are many creative options in market for you all who want to apply natural colors for their hairs.

Before thinking to color your hair you must select proper hair color which will go with your black hairs.

Check out top 7 hair color that will suit black haired women.

Beach Brown

If you want new look and you are bored of your black hair than apply beach brown color. You can go for sandy brown shade as it will give your face soft look and will look great on you. 


Another option which will go well with your black hair is Caramel. Caramel is a mix of gold and brown in subtle hues. Base of this Caramel color is brown and your hair will be highlighted with gold evenly on your hair. Whether, you have a straight long hair or medium length wavy hair that will give your hair brand new shade. Caramel hair color goes well in summer season and goes great with formal, beach wear or even casual wear.

Golden Brown

Do you want to experiment with your look? You can go for golden brown color. Golden brown shade will give you fair complexion. This shade also suits dark complexion people. Many stylists will go for this hair color. It will also suit if you have curly or textured hair. Golden brown shade goes flawless on Indian complexion.  


This shade suits almost everybody. If you have a natural brown shade than chestnut brown color will give you rich color texture. Some parts of your hair will appear reddish and this color is great option for wavy and straight hair.


Mahogany shade is ideal for short people. In crowd you will definitely look different. If you want to apply this shade than you need to frequently give touch up and trust me will surely worth you! This shade will give you natural look. Your over all hair color will look dark brown. 

Ash Brown

This hair color will make you look older than you are however it’s not right.  If you have whitish complexion, then you can go for this color. There are many shades of Ash like Ash Brown which will give you sophisticated look. 

Ash Black

If you lover pepper gray look than you must apply ash black shade. This shade is neither completely gray nor black. This shade will give dept to your hair. The best thing about this color is that your gray hair will be automatically hidden. 

These were some top 7 hair color which will surely suit black haired women. Before apply any hair color always discuss with your hair stylist that which shade will suit you a lot.

Do you color your hairs? Which is your favorite one?

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