Friday, November 14, 2014

Know How Vodka Help You In Maintaining Your Skin & Hairs

10 Benefits of vodka for skin and hair

Hey friends are you from Russia? If yes than, you all have been already praising vodka for its wonderful benefits for your hair and skin. In 1503, Kremlin Monks used vodka for the 1st time as an antiseptic and to cure many problems. It is majorly used for cake making but do you know vodka is amazing for your hair and skin too?

Read on to find out about the benefits of vodka for your daily hair and skin care routine. I am sure, you might be amazed!

Use vodka as an astringent: Vodka can be used as an astringent. It helps to close your pores. It also acts as a cleanser. Take water and vodka at proportion of 2:2 and wash your face regularly. This help your skin to tighten.

Get frizz free hair: If you have split ends, you will get unruly and frizzy hair. Even if you use straightener many times and even more exposure to hot climate can make your hair rough and frizzy. Take vodka and mix it with conditioner. By this your pH level of hair will lower and you will get shiny and smooth hair.

Get shiny hair: you can get shiny hair from using vodka for hair. Take normal water and mix it with vodka. After shampoo you can raise your hair with this water to get shiny hair. 

Get rid of dandruff: Many of us have flaky skin on scalps which results to dandruff. You can get rid of dandruff by using vodka. Take 3 tbsp of rosemary, and mix it with cup of vodka. Soak this for overnight. In morning with this solution wash your hair and then with cold water.

Stop hair loss: Vodka helps to eliminate all toxins from your hair. To prevent from hair loss mix honey with onion juice and vodka. Apply this solution for overnight and in morning wash your hair. After this wash your hair from shampoo as well with conditioner. Vodka helps to clean your scalp while honey nourishes your hair and to strengthen your hair onion juice is very good. 

Say by to foot odor: it is so embarrassing if you have a foot odor. Take vodka and rub it in your feet this helps get rid of sweat and bacterial infection. 

For better shave: vodka contains alcohol while alcohol is an anti septic solution. Dip your razor in vodka and shave to get rid of bacteria and to get clean shaved. 

Get rid of cold sore: it is very painful to have cold sores. Apply vodka directly. Vodka helps to heal the sores fast fully. 

To combat poison ivy: you can remove urushiol oil which causes itchiness. Take vodka and apply at your rash to get instant relief. 

Get rid of bad breath: Bad breath is very horrible. Take vodka and swirl some in your mouth and get rid of bad breath.

Friends these are some amazing benefits of vodka. Hope you all love it reading.

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*intake of Vodka is injurious to health


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