Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Look Gorgeous & Beautiful With These Overnight Beauty Tips

10 overnight beauty tips
Every girl wish to have a perfect skin, even i dream of waking up with a perfect and gorgeous skin. Every much follow proper lifestyle,proper food, proper sleep and proper exercise to look amazing and fresh.

But friends we can’t run away from the truth that we all have problem with sleeping early at night. I guess like me you too would be checking facebook account again and again for recent activities, chating with friends in whatsapp and saying them good night, Busy in checking new apps or playing our favorite candy crush game or just simply watching mobile screen and waiting for someone to reply. All these thing disturb our sleeping pattern and routine. If you want best skin then it is very important to sleep early at night.

Here are 10 overnight beauty tips which will make you look beautiful.

Must follow the rules:

Before going to sleep at night always follow the beauty rule of cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Treat your split ends:

It very important to nourish your scalp before going to bed at night.

During night you will get good and undisturbed time to apply hair products. You can have hot oil treatment or hair mask at night to get rid of split ends. Then at morning wash of your hair with water.

Wrinkle free skin:

Daily night apply night cream what ever your age be it is not neccessary to apply only anti wrinkle serum at night, you can also apply moisturizer. Instead of sleeping in cotton pillow, try to sleep in satin pillows as it will help you in reducing creases and fine lines on your face.

Care your heels and toes:

Daily night before sleeping apply vasaline or foot care cream on your heals and toes. For best result you can wear socks too.

Beauty sleep:

Proper and wonderful sleep will reflect on your skin. If you wakeup fresh and happy your skin will glow and look fresh. Try to avoid keeping hand or palm on your face while sleeping as it can develop wrinkles on your skin.

Proper care of hands:

Many times we wash our hands especially we housewifes need to wash our hands 100 times a day whether it is winter or summer. While washing hands moisture in hands take off. So before sleeping apply hand butter and cover your hands with gloves, this will help to retain moisture of your hands back. 

Beautiful lashes:

Always clean your eyes before sleeping and apply castor oil on your eye lashes to keep then lustful and long.

Bright and white teeth:

To keep your teeth it is very important to brush your teeth. Before going to bed you can brush your teeth with baking soda for few mins and then wash it off. Baking soda contain acid which will clean your teeth properly. You can use this process one in a week, while other days brush your teeth with toothpaste.

Get rid of puff around your eyes:

You can apply eyecream containing vitamin A and E. Take ice cream and freez it, then massage with it at morning this will help in making your eyes healthy and fresh.

No heat treatment waves:

At night apply good live in conditioner on your damp hair then tie bun and sleep, next morning oven your bun and see how beautiful wave you will get.

Friends these were some simple tips. I hope you love reading todays post.

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