Thursday, June 11, 2015

How To Make Your Lips Bigger Naturally

How to make your lips bigger naturally
Are you worried about your small lips? Don’t be friends, You can get fuller and bigger lips naturally by taking proper care of your lips.
Your lips can look bigger with perfect lips makeup but many of us wish to have bigger lips naturally. Cinnamon, honey, sugar, lemon etc are some home remedies to moisturize your lips and helps to look lips bigger.

There are few simple steps to make your lips fuller and bigger:

Exfoliate: It is very important as it helps in removing impurities from your lips and will make your lips look lighter tone. If you have dark lips it will make your lips smaller. With the help of sugar, honey and lemon scrub you can exfoliate your lips once in a week.

Massaging: Massage is great for your lips as it helps in increasing the circulstion of blood, even it improve texture of your lips muscles. You can massage your lips with ice cube for 10 minutes daily.

Moisturizing: it is one of the important step as it helps you to get rid of rough, dry and small lips. You can apply lip balm or apply olive oil or honey to make your lips moisturized. I tried applying milk cream, guess what friends it keeps my lips soft and moisturized.

Few natural ingredients which can make your lips plumping are:

Avocado and mangoes: These are niacin rich foods which will naturally scrub your lips and helps to make them look pluming. 

Vitamin C is good for your lips it helps to lighter your lips naturally. 

If you have lighter lips it automatically makes you lips looks bigger. 

Orange and lemon are best ingredient for making lips fair and bigger.

Best tips to make your lips bigger:
Avoid licking and biting your lips.

Always keep your lips moisturized.

Clean your lips using lip scrub once a week.

Massage your lips as it is great exercise for your lips.

Wash your lips daily with warm water as it removes impurities.

Proper lip makeup is very important for making your lips beautiful and bigger.

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