Thursday, May 28, 2015

My Experience In Rameshwaram

My Experience In Rameshwaram
Hey everyone, these days I am traveling a lot. I love to travel especially to places where your eyes get to see some mesmerizing and stunning scenario.

Today I am going to share my experience at Rameshwaram.

Wild tides are growing sec by sec.  We are moving towards the small temple. What unique scenery, narrow road has part the ocean in two halves. It is the temple where we see our lord Rama’s “padam” placed on a chakra. It is the highest point of Rameshwaram.

We have decided to go there only because of my mom. She is so devoted to lord Rama, which she was dying to see that temple and take blesses from god.

The ocean sank me inside it, I was feeling this when I stood at the top most point. Before you enter the temple you will see many well, pilgrims perform a ritual of sprinkle water from these entire well, and then they head towards the temple.

I was overwhelmed with the thought that I was standing where Rama and his army have built a bridge across the oceans to Sri Lanka to defeat Ravan and imprisoned “Sita”. It can be mythical destination for many. For me it’s a place where we find proof of our entity.

I was stunned at the look of Pamban Bridge which simply parts the Indian peninsula in the gulf of Mannar and Sri lanka.

I forgot the count of teerthdhams. All of them have a unique story behind it. the wells are not there for mere bathing, they elaborates the story of Rama and Sita. Each of them has different significance. They speak the untold stories.

I am totally lost in this world of ocean and this beautiful temple.


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