Friday, May 29, 2015

My Experience In Kutch

My Experience In Kutch
I have always kept Kutch on the top of my travel list. I was kid when my uncle went there and I was mesmerized with the photographs. That was the day when I decided to go there.  I went their last year, I know am little late on my schedule. What to do you won’t like to work when you are on vacations especially when you are in Kutch. I went there with my family. There is no direct train of flight to reach there from my place. So we decided to visit Ahemdabad fist and then Kutch.

We didn’t waste our time in Ahemdabad and took road transport to reach THE LITTLE RUNN OF KUTCH. Thanks to god we were carrying light luggage with us. Distances are creepy and tedious. 

Especially plan your visit in a right way; else you will end up in changing your hotels every night.

Roads are just fantastic, you won’t find this quality in north India, and even the village roads are well conditioned. But be prepare for the long hours to reach the RAAN OF KUTCH.

The day arrived when I got the impression of Kutch. I was mesmerized again with its beauty. I can still feel those white crystals under my bare feet. I have enjoyed the full moon there. I can bet on it, you will forget the sunrises and sunsets, if you see this full moon on the endlessly stretched crystals of salt.

I felt that it was the time when, there was less noise. One should see this place once in a lifetime, its worth visiting.

It is not like other tourist places, don’t visit their when you are running short of time. Its better to go there for a long vacation and feel the beauty within it.

Apart from the white bed sheet of crystal, I found it amazing; you will catch hundreds of FLAMINGOS in almost every water bodies. Try to plan your travel in winters, so that you can see most of the birds that flock here during winters.

Keep travelling. Keep exploring.


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