Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Difference Between Waxing And Epilators


We all ladies strive for hairless and silky smooth body. The techniques of hair removal are ancient. Egypt woman have started removing them with a very advanced techniques. That time it wasn’t that easy. But now in the modern era we have two options for the hair removal which are safe and easy,waxing and epilation.



It is the commonly used method for hair removal. It is an effective method for temporary skin removal. But many of us may found it messy when we have to do it by our own. If you are going to parlor then waxing can be the best option but when you have to do it by your own, you might find it difficult and painful.

Sometimes it becomes difficult to have all the pre requirements. Waxing may develop red rashes and bumps on your skin, if not dome in a correct manner.

But they are more hygienic.


Beauty experts rely on this for removal of hair of arms and legs. These are mini electric razors which removes hair without any pain.

These are faster and time saving; if you don’t have time to go to parlors you can use it simply.

They are easy to operate less messy and painless.

They guarantee smooth and glowing skin, as the epilators remove the hair from its root.

They come with special attachments which help you to removes hair of some specific sensitive areas.

You don’t need to be expert to use it, in fact if you haven’t used it before you will successfully remove hair without any hassle with this epilator.

I have listed all the important points regarding waxing and epilaitaion you can decide now on your own, which suits you best.

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