Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Skin Product Review - Jovees Facial Kit

Jovees Facial Kit Review

I really become lazy when I have to go for facial to parlor. I always wanted to learn the technique of facial so that I can do it myself at home especially when I don’t have much time to go out. Today I am going to review a facial kit from jovees. This is my first kit; I bought this from a neibhourhood shop. I was pretty much sure that I will able to do it at home but still wasn’t sure enough to buy some high end brands facial kit.

Jovees Facial Kit Review

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How to use?

It is the first step after cleaning your face with toner. You need to pat a little amount of this cleanser on your palm and massage with it for 5 min. this comes in a gel texture which is quite soothing and refreshing. It helps to clean the deep pores just like your face wash. But it is different because it does not have soap formula and that is why it gives nourishment to your skin.

It comes in a thick creamy texture with little big granules. It helps you to exfoliate your skin. It perfectly removes your black and white heads. This step is necessary to removes the dead skin and allow the new cell to rejuvenate.

I felt that all the facial cream are light thick and sticky. You cannot massage with it solely because they will either get absorbed or will remain on your face. You have to us a little amount of water with it to make its consistency quite runny. Massage with it for at least 20 min and you are ready for the next step.

Jovees Facial Kit Review

This step is most important after massaging. Massage opens are pores and cleans it. but pack helps to close the again so that no further dirt could enter it. If you don’t apply pack after massaging you might end up with a pimple on your face. So be careful. It helps to tighten your skin and gives a clean look. It helps to absorb excess oil and gives you radiant look.

JOVEES have introduced a new step in their facial kit. This is a cream having spf in it which helps you to retain the beauty you got after facial. It helps you to shield yourself with the sun protection. And gives you a fairer looking skin. 

I think this kit is pretty much good. I am using it for a quite long time and haven’t faced any breakouts. If you are looking for your first facial at home then you must try this kit. It’s quite affordable and easily available. I always feel that it gives a natural glow to my skin. It tightens my skin very well. You should always have a facial at least once in a month if you are 25+ because it will help you to avoid wrinkles at the younger age.

Rating: 3.5/5


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