Saturday, April 4, 2015

Do you think baby walker is safe for your kid?

When your kid turn 6 months, they have a very powerful urge to move all across the floor. When my son Yuvraj aka Yuvi was placed in a baby walker for a first time he was very happy, I and my son felt delight and we both were very comfortable and happy for almost an hour. I can still remember yuvi’s expression and excitement in his face as he himself moved across the floor in baby walker.

We always want our children to be happy. My father gifted this baby walker when yuvi was 6 months old.  We all thought often thinks their pleasure and delight is a good measure of what they need, but very rare times it can lead us astray.  It can happen a short term delight can lead to unfortunately long term penalty. Our kids can’t think of future. As a mother it’s our effort to teach our kids which will surely give good result over a long haul. 

Since a day when yuvi was an infant, I have learned that walkers are ultimately detriment to normal development. Because it is as simple as our babies can get around too easily, have urge to move across the floor for satisfaction and many of mother don’t know that crawling, creeping, hitching or scooting is very important task for your kid. This stage of their life is very important as it develops coordination and strength.

Many parents think walkers will surely help kids to learn to walk, Even I and my parents thought the same. But when I visit to my doctor she told that walker will interfere with the learning to walk. In addition, walker decreases the desire to walk as it is easier alternative. Baby walkers strengthen the wrong muscles of your kids. Your baby’s lower legs will strengthen but alternatively their hips and upper legs will become weak. For walking upper legs and hips are very important.  

Yuvi used walker for almost 3 months but when I come across this concept I thought walker is wrong decision. Instead of walking within a year, yuvi walked in 15th month.  When yuvi was 1 year my in laws bought his trolley made of wood which helped his to walk. I strongly recommend using trolleys instead of walkers.   

Moreover in walker, Yuvi had many accidents within a house than their counterparts. As walker is supported around hips and kids small bumps it results to dangerous fall down. 

If you this trolley are not safe for your kid then you can get exersaucer as a creative and nice alternative. They look like walker but they don’t have wheels. This helps your kids to rock, spin, and bounce and sit upright without avoiding their urge to move all around the floor. They are very safer and developmentally good for your baby.

Your son might like a sturdy push-car or wagon. These might look like lawnmowers, vacuum cleaners, cars, fire engines, trucks or wagons. Be sure it has a bar he can push, and is sturdy so it won’t tip over. These will help a child strengthen the right muscles and learn to walk — but you still have to supervise directly and to be very careful about stairs.

When your son gets a little older, and has been walking long enough to be able to squat and stand back up without falling, he will be delighted by push and pull toys — especially the ones that make lots of noise. These add sparkle to his developmentally appropriate tasks.

With practice, you can learn to choose toys that delight your son while helping him learn what he needs — instead of short circuiting the process by providing easy, numbing entertainment. We’ll all make mistakes along the way, but the process itself will enrich us and our children.


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