Wednesday, April 29, 2015

10 Amazing Ways to Beat the Airport Boredom on Long Layovers

Beat the Airport Boredom on Long Layovers
Hello Travelers,

Planning to travel by airways? You got several hours in gap for your next flight? If you think you can’t do anything rather than getting bore in terminal then you had mistaken this point. Many times it happens that due to bad weather or any technical condition your flight delays. Don’t worry; in today’s post will share with you amazing ways to beat your boredom in Airport.

Plan your trip ahead

Check with airhostess that how many more hours you need to spend in airport. If you have already done that then roam around the airport and check out food court, coffee shop, shopping stalls, spas, salons etc. Major airports have fitness centers, yoga area, libraries, theaters, museums etc so whatever comes in your interest you can choose that. Just check your pocket and enter in the specific area.

Pack your bag smartly

In your bag pack make sure you keep your favorite gadgets, paperback and chargers. As you never know when you’re lappy or phone battery will run out. Always keep toiletries, extra shirt etc in case your seatmate or you spill some tea or coffee on your cloth.

Beat the Airport Boredom on Long Layovers

Check inn and re-check your schedule

Once you get confirmation from airport authority about your flight then locate your boarding gate and terminal and check out how much time is there for doing all formalities.

Sight seeing

If you have long time for your next flight then you can step out from airport and can visit local sightseeing. Ask airport staff for welcome desk so that you can claim your baggage.  Book for mini tour in airport itself, just visit taxi stand and ask them for local sightseeing.

Get freshen up

In mean time you can comb your hair, brush your teeth and wash your face and touch up your makeup.

Make friends and be social

If you are travelling alone then you can talk to the stranger who is seated next to you. Talk to him about his journey and places in his city. You can even update your status in twitter, facebook and instagram and chat with new friends.

Review your photos and organize your mailbox

In busy time we don’t have time to clean our mail box, we just check mail and leave it read right? So in this mean time you can check your mail and delete unwanted mails. Go to your phone and laptop gallery and delete unwanted photos.

Plan your itinerary

Pick your phone and surf online and download google map and traveler guide and check out place you are visiting. It will give you idea of restaurants, shopping mall and café in nearby your destination.


In airport you can find VIP clubs and lounge which you can get for minimal fee. Enjoy the service as they offer plush seats, massage, buffets, wifi and workstation for the one who don’t have there lappy.


In case you don’t understand anything from above then you can get cozy and comfortable seat and just shut your eyes and go to sleep. This is the best thing what my hubby does when he travel alone.

I hope you all love reading this article. My hubby will kill me when he will read last option. :)


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