Wednesday, April 29, 2015

9 Healthy And Tasty Breakfast Recipes That Your Kids Will Love

9 healthy and tasty breakfast recipes that your kids will love

For mothers it is a real big question of what to prepare for breakfast to keep their kids healthy and bring that taste and deliciousness so that their kids love to finish it…

Hello all busy mothers!

Today I will share some of my personal recipes which I prepare for my kid in breakfast. These recipes are nutritious, healthy and tasty which will be easy to prepare and serve in your child’s plate.


Vegetable and egg chowmein : I think every kid love to savor on Chowmein. Try to add some fresh beans, capsicum, tomato, boiled egg pieces and onions in it. This will be a healthy and tasty recipe for breakfast.

stuffed parathas

Stuffed paranthas: paranthas containing the fried seasonal vegetables, onions and cumin seeds as staff are perfect breakfast to give your child the nutrition of vegetables like spinach, cabbage, carrots, beetroots and taste awesome. 


Milk and fruits shakes: milk with fruits like banana, mango can make that perfect shake. Serve chilled in freezer.


Sandwich and egg boiled with fruit salad: Make sandwich made of potato boiled, capsicum stuffing and onions fried with butter. Keep two egg boiled or omelette and this will be healthy diet for your kid.


Pasta cooked with all colored vegetables like capsicum, beans, tomato, onions, coriander leaves and parsley are tasty and one of the most easy recipe to be cooked for breakfast of your kid.

chole bhature

Chole bhaturey: I think this is also one of the very special and healthy breakfasts for your kid.


Cornflakes with honey, banana, almonds and walnuts and milk: the fastest and delicious breakfast recipe which will keep your child healthy and will feel his/her stomach with all nutrition.

Puri and sabji with halwa: I think is one of the most preferred and suitable breakfast for the kids which has got the taste and the health factor embedded. Use the seasonal green vegetable for sabji and nuts like almond, cashews and pistachios in the halwa.

Kari chawal: In a hot summer day make kari chawal which included curd and keeps the stomach digestive system perfect giving the nutrition also.

The above recipes will be helpful guide for mothers as they have both the health and taste factor included in all of them.

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