Thursday, April 9, 2015

Grandparent's Treat At A Fine Dining Restaurant in Delhi

Grandparent's treat at a fine restaurant in Delhi
Grandparent's treat at a fine dining restaurant in Delhi can be very enjoying and entertaining for all food lovers and those who wants to get involved in a real family get together and gossip all in one place. Delhi is famous for giving you the scope to attain the best services in food quality, taste and varieties with all the multi cuisine menu and mouthwatering delicacies to make your grandparents’ treat a memorable occasion.

The following fine dine restaurants in Delhi are the perfect ones to give you the multi cuisine varieties of food with varieties menu which will surely match the taste of every one and your grandparents’ treat will be a sure grand and most awesome moment for every one present.

Ambroisia Bliss: It is a famous multi cuisine food providing restaurant in Connaught Place which is well known for its north Indian dishes. Mediterranean, bakery and Italian varieties of menu to exactly match your taste here.  Butter chicken is a very special dish and the cost of 2 person is 2000/-INR.

Barbeque Nation: Present in 9 locations of Delhi and has the casual dining facilities with north Indian Mediterranean and Chinese menus served with care and quality intact. The cost of 2 people is 1600/-INR.

Lodi: The Garden Restaurant: The restaurant creates an awesome sitting arrangement and has special meat and chicken dishes with superb taste for non-vegetarian people. All kijds of Lebanese, European and Mediterranean dishes are served here which can be enjoyed at 2200/- INR for 2 people.

Parikrama: the most fascinating and unique thing of the restaurant is its revolving nature which has all varieties of food stuff of Chinese, Mughlai and North Indian Dishes. The cost of 2 person is 2200/- for 2 people.

24/7: Everyone raves about 24/7 & as the name suggests, it remains open 24 hrs a day. Here, you can enjoy cuisines from all over the world - Indian, Japanese, Pan Asian, Chinese, Continental, Mexican, Mughlai& Western Fast Food. The trend of ‘Buffet a-la-minute’ is well observed here as guests can actually watch their food being cooked right in front of their eyes which makes this bar-cum-restaurant a diner's paradise. A meal for two will cost approximately Rs 4000.


Delhi is known for its mouth-watering food. Here you can find restaurants specializing in Chinese, Italian, French, Mediterranean, Thai, Korean & Japanese cuisines to name a few; however, those who would love to get a taste of all these under one roof will be glad to know that there are many great multi-cuisine restaurants in town. 


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