Thursday, May 21, 2015

Selfie Dos & Don'ts You Need To Know

Selfie Dos & Don'ts You Need to know
The do’s and don’ts of clicking selfies is helpful tip to bring that perfect image of what you want in very little time...

The do’s of selfie clicking are:

You must capture the best angle always to give that perfect desirable selfie of yours. So try on practicing and experimenting on the various angles of your selfies like turning your haed to a degree, making side facial view or giving the head dropping pose. See which one suits your image well and creates the best of the photo out of all the angles. The best one must be clicked to get the selfie.

Never forget to check the background while clicking your selfie. Try to have the colorful, scenery based or one color walled background which will focus on your selfie much better and give a natural look. Even a nice garden or any forest or park behind can be suitable background for selfies.

Remember the main part of selfies is how you look and how you dress. So try to dress the way you can impress others and people are amazed to have that glimpse of yours and give you all the likes in your website. Dress in nice matching colors with well -designed and comfortable clothing which will be elegant yet stylish and make you both confident and lovely.

Another very important thing to consider while clicking selfies is that you should have that ample amount of light to click the selfies. The best one is the sunlight which makes your image glow and look bright and natural.

Editing the selfies clicked is another necessary aspect for making the picture perfect and balance the whole snap into perfection and error free.

The don’ts of selfies are

Stop looking very serious and moody while you are clicking your selfie. The attractiveness in image is created when you smile and show your expressive look. 

Never go for over makeup for selfies, as this will tend to make your look very unnatural. Give that light makeup only if required or just put some light lipstick and kajal to look perfect.



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