Thursday, July 9, 2015

How the Goodness in Natural Oils does Wonders for the Baby’s Skin, Bone and Muscle Development

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I am writing this post which has very important fact required for your baby’s growth and development. The goodness of the natural oils which works wonders in the skin of babies to grow muscles and bones. Natural oils are effective in taking care of the skin and the growing cells of the baby skin and its correct mental and physical development. Since ages the good ness of natural oils are proven facts to bring a healthy and well growing child body.

Olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil, mustard oil are all natural oils which when purely grinded and extracted by reputed brands can be used as massage oil for babies. Babies’ soft skin needs the natural oil massage to help in blood supply increase, bone development and strengthening of muscles. The massage of olive oil will reduce constipation, increase softness and build strong bones and muscles.

Almond oil massage for baby skin will provide the nourishment, hydration, boost energy, increase muscle growth faster and bone development. Coconut oil is also good as it enhances the smoothness in the baby skin. The ample quantity of vitamin E, K and B present in the natural oils are best for quick and correct development of bones and muscles of the child. 

dabur baby oil

Mustard oil in pure form is again very well-known massage oil for babies who penetrates the skin layer very fast and causes increase in blood flow, supple skin, healthy muscles and bones in babies. Massaging with the almond oil helps in reducing itching due to dryness in babies, used while changing nappies and makes babies sleep long. Vitamins A, E, B1, B2 and B6 present in almond oil keeps baby healthy. Vitamin E and K present in oil makes the baby active, soft and healthy.

•    Almond oil
•    Coconut oil
•    Mustard oil
•    Olive oil

The natural oils are pure and are extracted from the quality seeds which are highly beneficial for the babies’ growth and development. The natural oils does not have the artificial color, fragrance or chemicals in it, which is why mothers are satisfied that there child is totally safe and are growing healthy and strong. The harmful chemicals and colors are not at all recommended for the delicate skin of babies.

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