Friday, July 10, 2015

Shed Those Fats: The Healthier Way!! #HoneyDietIsHere

honey diet
If I ask you what type if diet do you think is the best? You would naturally answer a balanced diet.This is true, a diet that includes a variety of food sources so as to balance the amount of fats, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals in just the right proportions, is an ideal diet.

We often ignore the importance of a healthy diet in our busy lifestyles but the truth is that it can actually help in prevention of s number of communicable and non communicable diseases. For instance, sufficient levels of vitamins & Minerals in body boosts a person's immunity thereby, decreasing the chances of contracting an infection. Also, this leads to faster wound healing. A well balanced diet would also make sure that you are neither under weight nor over weight. Although, it us not very popularly known but a well balanced diet also prevents emotional disorders like: Stress, anxiety and depression to a great extent.

One of the major health issues that is bothering many people is obesity. Sedentary lifestyles, hectic work schedules and wrong food choices are all to be blamed for it. Weight maintenance is a continuous practice and not something that can be achieved by means of crash diets. Such fad diets or crash diets do more harm to your body than good. Let us elaborate a bit more on this...

dabur honey

Many doctors are of the opinion that crash diets like: Lemonade fasts, Cabbage soup diet & detox programmes have your body in more ways than one. It can lead to several nutritional deficiencies, slowing up of your metabolism, weakening of immune system, increased odds of dehydration & Cardiac abnormalities. Going for crash diets repeatedly can lead to more chances of breathing problems & heart attacks.

So, before you go on a honey diet and also, while you are dieting consult your nutritionist and physician regarding the feasibility and safety of the diet for you. Do not follow trends blindly. Depriving your body of carbs altogether is not a good idea, either. So, chose healthier carbs and cut down on empty calories, instead. For instance, you can take brown bread, brown rice, multi-grain atta. Also, you can switch full cream milk with double toned milk and include nuts, raw fruits and veggies in your diet. Go for vegetable soups and juices. Instead of fruit juices, go for whole fruit. These small things go a long way in helping you shed weight.

Another important part of weight loss is detox, you can actually detoxify by quitting tea, coffee, colas, sodas,alcohol & Smoking for a couple of days and replace all this with healthier drinks like coconut water, Green tea, bottle guard juice, warm water with honey & Lemon. I would love to elaborate a bit more on the last one as that one is the one that is most easy to prepare. This simple to make potion helps to get rid of accumulated toxins such as pesticides, fungicides, heavy metals, dyes and preservatives that inevitably get into your system from all the food you eat. Honey lemon water also activates the fat burning mechanisms in your body. To increase the efficiency of the cleanse programme, you may also switch refined sugar with pure honey. This would reduce your sugar cravings to a great extent. So, go ahead & Replace the sugar in your bowl of cereal, smoothies & Green tea with Dabur honey.

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