Wednesday, July 8, 2015

How to Take Care of Pets During Monsoon

How to take care of pets during monsoon
I am a big pet lover, what about you? I am an owner of a cute Pomeranian; my pet’s name is Ronnie and a pug named Romeo. As we all love monsoon same way Ronnie too loves to watch rain. Man times he wishes to step out of home but its monsoon sweetheart, all roads are wet. During monsoon pets are easily prone to water borne diseases or particular kind of skin infection. In today’s article will share some simple and important tips to take care of pets during monsoon:

Pets are prone to water-borne diseases or skin infections during monsoon. Here are some simple tips to protect them this season:

During rainy season cough, cold, vomiting and pneumonia are very common diseases in pets. Dogs usually face fungal diseases which are known as malassezia which results to itchy skin rashes burns and is due to rains. When pets come in contact with rain they are usually prone to upper respiratory infection. During monsoon regularly take your pet to vet. 

You must periodically give your pet De- worm tablets or injections.

You must avoid giving cold water or food to your pets. Oily food, meat and chicken must also be avoided as it’s a wrong diet and can easily upset their digestive system.

Don’t take your pets to long walk as they can come across area where water would be logged as those areas are best place for mosquitoes and pests to breed.

With antiseptic shampoo give your pet regular bath. 

If your dog face hair fall, itchiness or you get any foul smell from them do consult veterinary doctor soon.

Regular nail clipping, grooming, ear cleaning and dental checkup its must. 

Make sure you include fiber in your dogs diet.

Avoid giving too much food at monsoon as they are not allowed to go out for walk.

Provide dry bedding and make them comfortable and thus keep away from rain.

Buy some fashionable socks, shoes, raincoats to your pets. You can get them online.

Friends follow these simple steps and make your dog enjoy monsoon. Do share if you know any tips.


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