Monday, July 20, 2015

5 Best Grooming Products Girls Can Steal From the Boys

5 Best Grooming Products We Girls Can Steal From the Boys
Hello you beautiful girls there!

I usually venture to the men’s section for cool crisp white shirt, Aviators or oversized watch. Have you ever stepped in to men’s grooming aisle? This was the first time I checked out my hubby’s grooming products. Swapnil’s grooming products are always clean, reliable and very effective. I just need to compromise with floral scent.

Have a look at best 5 products that we girls can steal or borrow from our hubby, brother, boy friend or from dad. 

Tigi B for Men Pure Texture Molding Paste

Tigi B

Day after washing my hair it usually uninspired and flat, thus I borrow this molding paste from my hubby. This molding paste adds definition and texture to my hair. By this molding paste you can create edgy and cool hairstyles. The best thing what I felt is it fights from humidity and frizz from my hair.

Old Spice Original Classic deodorant and Antiperspirant

old spice

Its fact that, men’s usually sweat more than women. Thus their antiperspirants are stronger and it’s clinically proven. This deodorant will keep odor and sweat at the bay throughout the day. Girls there is one more secrete plus point that is it smells awesome!

Lush Prince Shaving Cream


Do you use razor for shaving your hands and leg? I do sometimes when I need to attend urgent function or date with my hubby. I borrow his shaving cream. This saving cream is lush in cocoa butter and it’s really my best friend when I am in hurry. It smells amazing. This shaving cream minimizes irritation and moisturizes your skin. It also clean your pores and give you nice and soft hands and legs.

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energizing Scrub


Being a girl I love my fruity face wash. Kiehl’s facial scrub is packed with caffeine packed scrub which helps to give smooth and dry free skin. I use this scrub once in a week for smooth, soft and invigorated skin!

Park Avenue Beer Shampoo

park avenue

We all love to have lustrous hair and I believe lustrous hair lies mainly in shampoo. Beer shampoo from Park Avenue helps to give your hair softness and shine and kick off the locks in your hair. 

Once in a week I wash my hairs with this shampoo and truly my hair become gorgeous. 

Friends so what are you waiting for? Steal your man’s product and as I believe why should boy’s have all the fun?

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