Sunday, November 22, 2015

5 Amazing Things That Has Changed in My Life, The Time I Started Using SmartPhones - #Technocrats

My smart phone
Heya all,

Today I can’t imagine an hour without my phone. Even my son Yuvraj who is just 2 year old, knows how to operate smartphones.  He know very well how to play farmhero game using touch screen. I got my first phone, when I was in class 12th now kids from my apartment who are in class 3rd use smartphones to complete their school projects. When I was in school, My Papa used to have pager. But now each and other person I meet have smartphones in their hand and every 10th person use 4G network. Truly speaking I am too using 4G network in my Android smartphone and its speed is best.

Today smartphones are manufactured with best technology that we had not dreamed of. I use my smartphone for many things rather than making calls or texting. 

Have a look at 5 amazing things that has changed in my life, the time I started using smartphones:

Camera in my Smartphone:

Gone are the days when we used to carry camera in our purse. My smart phone got good camera which click high quality photos. Being a blogger it’s very important to have a camera always. Thank you my dear phone for being in my pocket for capturing those cool photos. Oh how can we forget selfie? Smartphones are best for clicking selfies.

Reading Magazine with my Smartphone:

Being a blogger it’s very important to be updated thus reading magazines and newspapers are best. Thank you, smartphone for helping me to download app of all my favorite magazine and newspaper just by one click. Even octacore of my phone is amazing as I can download good amount of app without any problem of hanging. 

Watching Time or Use of Alarm Clock With My Smartphones:

Being a mother and a daughter in law it’s very important to take care of each and everyone in my house but with my profession it’s sometime unmanageable as sometimes I sleep at 3 am and get up at 7 am. Without my smartphone it would be difficult to manage. Even I can’t use alarm clock as it rings badly. I use vibration in my alarm and thankfully my hubby and my son get soundless sleep. 

Use of Net banking In My Smartphone:

Just imagine going daily to a bank to check payment or depositing money to vendors or paying bills. Uff! It sounds so hectic. Thanks to my smartphone for having app of my bank to my make my life so easier.

Online Shopping With My Smartphone:

Doing shopping is so easy with the help of smartphones. It’s fun to shop along with your family just with simple app. Now I can shop anything and anytime using my smart phones.

Using a smartphones is always a fun! As its said “Bandlo Dhunia Apne Haato Mein” it truly indicates to my smartphone! Does your smartphone changed your life?


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