Saturday, November 14, 2015

Top 5 eco-friendly Indian Saree Designers

More than half a century back, father of our nation secured his present and understood the need of the future by creating Jute fabric, and opened a way for the future generations to make their world with eco-fashion. He said, “There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness.”
The words ‘eco-friendly’, ‘organic’, or ‘sustainable’ are what the entire world is seeking for. None of us are deprived of the fact that to save the globe, we need to make efforts at grounds level. Usage of organic products indeed is becoming the choice of all. Keeping the picture in mind, Indian designers are also not left behind. They too are putting all efforts to design and create the best organic products, be it denims or sarees. The designer creations for the sustainability are blowing everyone’s mind. 

What’s organic clothing?

Any piece of clothing that is made with the elements which does not damage the environment or the people using it is organic clothing. To understand it better, let’s say cotton made without the use of pesticides, silk made without the silk worm or any other chemicals. Hence, this defines the concept of clothes made by recycling the textiles and zero wastage of material. 

What’s organic in the designer clothing? 

As the designers are always trusted to come up with something new and innovative, the organic clothing by the designers is also the reflection of that. Now-a-days, designers are using vibrant prints, hand-printing, zero-waste design, and vegetable dyes to support the world and humanity.   

Since 2007, the designers have used their hand on the eco-friendly creation of clothing. And have been able to produce outstanding apparels, which not only are protecting the environment but also provide absolute style. Some of the top designers who are using the protective concept in ethnic wear have been able to come up with clothing that looks absolutely enchanting. I am now going to give you a guide through that. 

•    Sabyasachi Mukherjee: None of us is unaware of the designing legend- Sabyasachi Mukherjee. He creates the most alluring Indian ethnic outfits. When beauty is blended with intelligence, it gives the most desirable outcome. All of us have seen how Sabyasachi has been making his clothing out of the lot. He not only is producing incredible clothes but also is concern about his clients and world at large. He is using natural dyes and organic cloths to support the word. 

•    Manish Malhotra: Bollywood was bestowed with a revolutionary designer sarees almost 2 decades back. And it happened to be our very own Manish Malhotra. He from the very beginning has been bringing new styles in the light and now even has started using organic clothing in his style. He has been designing organic saree which has prominently been worn by the B-town celebrities. 

•    Digvijay Singh: The greatest source of designing silhouette for any designer could be the classic era and the cultural influences. Ahmadabad based designer Digvijay Singh is amongst them. He says, he is in love the fabric and the fact that fabric is dyed in the limited hues, the designing creativity takes its height. 

•    Siddharth Upadhyaya: he is amongst the young crop designers and believes in creating great designs instead of just aesthetic appeal apparels. He solely believes in eco-fashion and focuses on his couture to be zero-wastage. His techniques have enabled him to increase the efficiency of the fabric. 

•    Anupama Dayal: Being wholly organic has been a motto for Anupama Dayal. Her focus is on the vibrant prints. She has been able to successfully carry out her work keeping ancient hand-prinitng, needle-craft techniques and dyes in mind. Her creations are a reflection of all these techniques. 

So up were the some outstanding organic designers, who not only are preserving the nature but have been to create some out of this world apparels. These clothing are illuminating the world vibrancy and beauty.


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