Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Why Should India Focus On Developing It’sWind Energy Capabilities Further In A Big Way - #GreenEnergy

Wind Energy - Green Energy
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Broadly speaking, there are two types of sources of energy that can be harnessed to produce electrical power. Those are: Renewable and non-renewable. Renewable sources are those that are available in environment in plenty and are readily replenished by nature like; Wind, solar energy and water. These sources do not create any types of pollutants per se so, also called as the sources of #GreenEnergy. No pollutants means lesser greenhouse effect and an overall reduction in global warming. The non-renewable sources of energy are perishable or take a period of thousands of years to be replenished by nature. So, in simple terms, a developing country like India should focus of utilizing the renewable sources of energy as much as possible in order to meet the electricity production. The speedy winds can be very well utilized in the rural areas of India to produce enough electricity to run household and even certain small scale factories. 

The ministry of new and renewable energy has some ambitious plans and targets aiming to reach capacities of nearly, 60,000 MW. The advantage of using Wind energy in a country like India is its low maintenance and running cost. The equipment installed for production of electricity from wind energy can run for long periods of time without much attention. An inspection or two are required every two years or so. Even local care takers can be trained to service the equipment after providing spare parts. Most of the parts needed for making a wind mill can be manufactured thus creating a viable option for generating employment thus, indirectly bringing about rural economic development. A developing country like ours needs to male use of such simple and sustainable methods to support development and economic growth at the level of villages.

If, we are able to produce ample electricity using the power from Wind energy or say a hybrid equipment between Wind energy and conventional/ fossil energy, it would soon be possible to replace candles, dry cell batteries and even kerosene oil and save the money of villagers making their life more convenient and finances better managed. Wind energy India, is a digital initiative taken up by the Indian turbine manufacturers association that aims to create more awareness about the huge potential of utilizing Wind energy in India.


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