Wednesday, December 30, 2015

My Most Memorable Days - My Hostel Life!!

Hello Friends,

I have spent nearly 5 years in a hostel during the time of my plus two and graduation. Although, I was very regular about my studies, the period of my internship was full of fun. I made some new friends within my batch during the time of my internship as our batches go reshuffled. After the college and training hours, We used to assemble in the Canteen and chit chat about al the things in the world right from career to future plans to our crushes. Then we used to watch some of our favorite series on laptops with lots of chips and popcorns around.This was a very enjoyable activity as there was no television in our hostel. 

In girls hostel, another thing that is extremely common to see is girls giving each other some major help in carrying out basic grooming like waxing, threading and clean ups sessions. This creates a really funny environment on the weekends when you can find every other girl with some kind of face pack on. Sadly enough, one thing that is definitely not good is the mess food preparation so, anything homemade is seen as a blessing and never lasts long as everybody in your gang is totally ready to pounce upon your home brought parathas, pickles, ladoos or whatever!!

Since most of the professional colleges are located away from the hustle bustle of cities online shopping is always a hit in hostels. As I always say, the hostel never sleeps!! Even when I got up at 3 am at night, there were always a couple of rooms  whose lights were on with poor students trying to finish off their assignments and finding a couple of Romeos and Juliets busy talking over cell phones. Another fun thing I remember from my hostel days are surprise birthday cake cuttings and late night dance parties. 

For those Sundays, when our group was not visiting home, catching up on any recently released movie no matter was an absolute must, no matter what the reviews be like. I guess, the experiences at girls and boys hostel are pretty much the same apart from the fact that boys often are less organized and hygienic ;p Also, guys enjoy a lot of beer and joints while away from home and yes there is some serious body building equipment, in there, too.


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