Saturday, April 16, 2016

Birthday Decorations At Home

Birthdays are that time of the year when notly the kids but also the parents are super duper excited to throw parties and entertain guests.You can always arrange a birthday party at a restaurant and it sure is very convenient but many parents prefer adding a personal touch to their kid’s birthday parties and arrange everything right at home. For the latter, here are some cool birthday party decoration ideas.

A table for sweet treats

Create a sweets corner where you can keep all the desserts like: Pastries, cake. cake pops, lollipops etc and probably also juices for the guests to pick. For a girl's birthday, you can keep this corner themed in floral shades like: Pink, Coral or Lavender and for a boy, you can keep this corner themed in stronger colours like: Blue and Olive Green.

Accent wall

Just behind the sweets table, you can accentuate one wall by using a wallpaper of your kid's liking. For boy's action figure themed wallpapers shall look nice and for girl's something fairy tale themed would look awesome. If you want to go for something more temporary than, use strips of cloth in alternating colours and tape them to the wall. This would create a beautiful, curtain like effect on your accent wall.

Use paper lamps

Paper lamps exude delicate lighting and add a lot of colour and warmth to the aura of any room. These are available in vibrant colours.

Use fun plates and spoons to serve refreshments 

Forks, spoons, plates and straws with lots of colours and probably themed with some cartoon characters can really cheer your kids up.

Choose upholstery that appeals to kids

Use coasters and table mats in fun patterns like Polka dots or zigzag lines. You can also buy or rent table runners, carpets etc in patterns or displaying figurines that appeal to kids.

Personalize things

You can make use of personalized stuff like Tee shirts or hangings with the kid's pictures, picture garland made out of various pics of your kid or probably a banner for your party.

Balloons and ribbons decoration

Birthdays are never complete without use of colourful balloons and frills in your decorations.You can get regular balloons or those in various shapes and get them arranged in simple bunches or get them arranged in patterns like: flowers, animal figures, pillars or arches as per your choice and budget. The entire ceiling can also be covered in net like arrangement of balloons, frills and ribbons.

Make personalized envelopes for return gifts

The kids will simply love it if they get special attention in form of return gifts handed over to them in exclusive envelopes.


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