Saturday, April 23, 2016

#ThinkBig - Why I Think College Education is Must For My Child

Parents usually want the best for their children, sometimes the same education they got as well and most of the time that doesn’t turn out the best. Time has changed and making such crucial decisions based on the past’s knowledge is the wisest choice after all.
College education as we all know it sets the course of your career and eventually your life. So a lot of factors should be considered before picking out a college rather than blindly getting into a college your parents went to. You don’t write letters to your relatives in the era of cell phones, now do you? So why do you make career choices based on ancient knowledge.
Here Are A Few Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Inherit Your College Education From Your Parents:

  1. The course of education has taken a different turn altogether. Ask your parents if you may, but the education during their college life was almost theory. Their studies were mostly theoretical which not the case is now. Now practical is given as much importance as the theory part.
  2. Every individual is different and every individual’s mind and talents are different from each other. Your parents may have gone to an engineering college whereas you might be better at Robotics or Law.
  3. The opportunities and the requirements in the outer world are changing. During your parents times, engineering may have been a very rare thing but it’s not important that today it may have the same demand.
  4. Nowadays children are very curious about different things and their thoughts and aspirations shouldn’t be limited to one field. They should be allowed to find their talents and cherish them.
  5. The infrastructure has modernized. Children nowadays focus on extra-curricular activities just as much as they do on academics. Now these extra-curricular activities help enhance their personality. 
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