Wednesday, June 6, 2018

5 Beard trimmers under 2000

Is there a mandatory rule that women only are supposed to manage the looks? Not really! It is equally appropriate for a man to present his best side. For that, there are numerous appliances and grooming products which helps you get that personality best. Since every man needs to maintain or trim his beard. Hence, a trimmer is one of the most necessary grooming device required by every individual.
If you calculate that, how much time and money you waste by visiting your barber for every other day then you would come to know that buying a trimmer is how essential in a man’s life.

Best trimmers in the market

The market is flooded with the pro trimmers helping you to maintain your beard style easily. They make it very easy by doing everything and proving them to be versatile.
Therefore, here are top five trimmers available in the market under Rs. 2,000 based on the specifications and the level of ease they offer which will help you get a trimmer suitable for you. Lets have a look at the super products here:

Philips QT4011/15 Pro skin advanced trimmer

Philips has proven to be the best company in terms of services provided and quality of the product when it comes to personal care and home appliances. Currently, Philips QT4011/15 Pro skin advanced trimmer is the bestselling product on Amazon and ranked number one in the category of trimmers based on specifications, reliability and user reviews. This trimmer can handle every type of beard very easily with the help of its adjustable settings. Either you are having a full beard of a stubble; it can be used by selecting a range from 0.5mm to 10 mm. The multi-color led lights installed on it helps you to track the battery percentage and it can last up to 90 minutes with a single full charge. The detachable head ensures convenient cleaning and a longer life. Philips also provides a warranty of 3 years on this trimmer.

Price: On Amazon, this trimmer is priced at Rs. 1,999 only and you can also avail Amazon coupon code service to get this trimmer at a more reasonable price.

Panasonic ER-GB37 Trimmer

The design of this trimmer is a standalone feature of this trimmer making it perfect to hold and provide a steady firm grip. The trimmer apart from catching our eyes packs tons of features. The dial on it offers you to adjust the length of the beard from 1 mm to 10mm including 19 different settings that can surely give you the perfect style you want. Without the help of comb attached to it, you can perform wet or dry shaving. For the best trimming of your thick and hard beard, the blades are attached to an angle of 45 degrees. With the charging of 8 hours, you can easily operate this trimmer for I hour straight without any interruption.
Price: You can get this trimmer at a price tag of Rs. 1,999 only on Amazon and of Rs. 2,049 on Flipkart. Choose your platform, your appliance before the deals go wasted.

Philips QT4006/15 Pro skin advanced trimmer

This is another trimmer, which is designed for comfortable and safe use along with the awesome built. As soon as you hold this trimmer, you will come to know what the things are that Philips is famous for. The device is very pleasant to hold yet can be used with an ease. As same as other Philips trimmers it also provides only a limited range of 0.5 mm to 10 mm. You can also lock your desired settings for convenient usage in future. You can easily get a typical usage from this trimmer of a whole month with just a single charge of 10 hours. The stainless-steel blade used in this trimmer was designed to be sharp enough to cut your beard without providing any type of irritation to the skin. Even though this trimmer is good for a clean shave but can also give you a shadow look.
Price: If you want to buy this trimmer then you would have to pay a total of Rs. 1,699 on Amazon.

Philips QT4005/15 Pro skin advanced trimmer

This product by Philips packs every specifications and quality that company is known for without hurting a lot in your pocket. This trimmer is a cordless device, which will save you from the hassle of messy wires by giving you a total of 45 minutes of operating time on a single full charge. Apart from being convenient and easy to clean, the dial allows you to choose from 0.5 mm to 10 mm settings range. The tips of the blades are round to prevent causing skin irritation and come with a 3-year warranty by Philips.

Price: Rs. 1,580 only is what you will have to pay for this trimmer. Moreover, you can also diverge into some discount offers available online to get the cost measured.

Philips QT4000/15 Pro skin advanced trimmer

Until now, you would have known that no other company matches the quality and services provided by the Philips. This is the reason that out of 5 trimmers 4 are from Philips. This trimmer is the cheapest one of our list but being cheapest it does not compromise on quality or specifications. The blade is the same as that in other trimmers delivers the same amount of precision and smooth trimming. This trimmer can get you an operating time of 10 hours with a single full charge. The trimmer comes with a warranty of 3 years by Philips.
Price: Philips QT4000/15 Pro skin advanced trimmer comes with a price tag of Rs. 1,499 only.

Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes but sometimes it comes in different beauty appliances as well. These trimmers from leading brands can prove to be highly efficient for you when it comes to best ever looks. Get your hands on these small appliances, available on various online websites, and make the beautifying task really easy.


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