Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Darjeeling tea-Treat for any Indian tea lover and how to buy Darjeeling tea online

Imagine a situation where it is raining outside, a cool wind is blowing and you can feel the smell of rain? If you are indoors enjoying the rains, the first thought that might cross your mind is ‘It would be great if I can get some tea/chai along with bhaaji/pakodas’.
Even if you are not a tea lover, sipping tea would be first thing that might cross your mind when you think about rains JIndia has always been a tea-loving nation, since it is the second largest producer of tea (just after China), but enormous tea production is not the primary reasons why majority of the Indians love tea!

Darjeeling tea-Treat for any Indian tea lover and how to buy Darjeeling tea online

Its popularity can be estimated from the terms coined around Tea – Chai Paani (tea and water) or Chai Wallah (tea stall). As a matter of fact, you travel to any Indian city and you find a number of tea stalls in the vicinity since Tea is not only consumed more than Coffee, but it is considered as the Numero Uno drink in India. Many households in cities also consume ‘Lemon tea’ since it is considered a very healthy option and also reduces stress. Assam and Darjeeling are the major

producers in India; Darjeeling tea is considered a brand in itself amongst the tea-loving Indians. There are different varieties of tea, namely – Green tea, Black tea, White tea and Oolong tea. The aroma, taste, and quality of the tea vary based on the plantations where the tea is grown. As far as Darjeeling tea is considered, you can buy Darjeeling teain offline outlets or you can prefer to buy Darjeeling tea onlinefrom Goodricke that has been a leading producer of tea for decades. Let us have a look at the reasons why Darjeeling tea is allotted a special status in the tea industry

·        Darjeeling tea has favorable climatic conditions, also called as Geographical Indication (GI) that is provided to only 87 tea gardens.

     The quality and essence of Darjeeling tea cannot be replicated in any other part of India as the tea plantations in that area are situated about 600 meters above sea level.

·        Unlike other parts of India that face scarcity of rainfall, Darjeeling receives a good amount of rainfall every year making it an ideal place for tea plantation.

·        Darjeeling has excellent drainage facility so that there is no excess rainwater in the tea gardens.

·       Favorable soil condition and bright sunshine are one of the driving factors that contribute to the richness of Darjeeling tea.

Some of the famous varieties of Darjeeling tea are:

Darjeeling White Tea- It has a very delicate aroma and brews to a pale golden color with a mellow taste and a hint of sweetness. It is a rare type of tea since it is hand-picked, rolled and then withered in the sun.

Darjeeling Oolong - It is lighter than the black tea from Darjeeling and a cup of Darjeeling Oolong tea looks light green and infusion remains green. Tea plantations need to adhere to specific requirements in order to grow the Oolong tea.

Darjeeling Organic Green Tea - It is considered a very healthy option as it is not fermented at all. Many tea estates in Darjeeling grow this variety of tea. Indians living in cities and towns can now get a taste of their favorite flavor of tea by ordering it online from Goodricke; the best part is that it is home-delivered.Which is the moment when you long for tea/chai and your favorite tea flavor; do leave them in the comments section?


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