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Best Places To Visit in South India

Best Places To Visit in South India
South India is incredibly beautiful and appealing as North India is.
Where on one hand, we have beautiful Himalayan ranges in North India,on the other hand, We have exquisite and beautiful beaches in south India. But not only coastal area... South India has many hill stations too!!

So, going on a trip to south India during your summer vacations can also be a great idea.

Check out the list of best places to visit in south India for summer vacations:

Munnar in Kerala may be a pretty hill station full of tea gardens, forests and nice views,130km from domestic fowl terminus. The climate is cool in summer (mar-may).

Ooty in state is cool all year, There are lots of places to visit and lots of things to try and do. Go on a toy train trip from Ooty kunnur by the toy train. Get away from the crowds and keep a number of kms from the most cities to essentially enjoy some peace. There are many hotels in Ooty. Fernhill palace could be a fine luxury Building to be visited.

Kodaikanal can be a charming hill station too. Cool all year, go
yachting on the lake, visit the arboretum and simply chill. Shop for
chocolates, oils and native handicrafts.

Andaman Islands within the south makes for a splendid beach vacation,this is a gaggle of Islands within the Indian Ocean. 

Temperatures here is around thirty one degrees in summer. May be wet although. Go by flight or ship. You can enjoy the water sports, try scuba diving or snorkeling or simply relax on a hammock underneath a tree on the beach.

Kovalam Last but not the least on my list is Kovalam. It is one of the most loved beach holiday tourist destination. There are 4 beaches and many beach resorts. You can simply sit back and enjoy watching the sea all day. It is a perfect place to relax and enjoy life.

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