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Best Tips For Glowing Skin and Lustrous Hair

Tips For Glowing Skin and Lustrous Hair
Everybody wants to look beautiful, handsome and wishes to possess Glowing Faces !! Today I am gonna discuss some tips which would help you achieve the same. Even Boys can follow some of these tips !!
Start your day by having a glass of warm water to which you add a few drops of honey and lemon juice. This cleans and purifies your blood and imparts a glow to your skin.

During the course of your day, clean your skin as often as possible. Just frequent splashes of water and a brisk rub of the towel are enough to generate circulation.

Don't overload the skin with heavy make-up.

Soak in the early rays of the sun. It is very good for your health and rejuvenation.

Pollution robs our skin of its natural moisture. To combat this effect, wash your hands and face and exposed parts of the body with cold water. Immediately rub cold milk, or glycerin and rose water on these parts to soothe them.

1 Dehydrated skin needs cleansing (prefer a milk based cleanser), exfoliation (use a gentle scrub after cleansing) and moisturization (use oil-free moisturizer for Normal, Oily and Sensitive skins and oil-based moisturizer for Dry skin).

Dry skin needs cleansing (use mild, non-foamy cleansers), gentle exfoliation and moisturization (use oil-based moisturizer).

Oily skin frequently needs cleansing and freshening.

Patchy skin needs lightening and smoothening  treatment.

To keep the skin glowing and to flush out toxins from the body, drink at least 12-15 glasses of water per day.

Your diet should be rich in raw vegetables and fresh fruits. These hydrate our skin.

Protect yourself from the harshness of the sun rays. This is actually the main cause of skin discolouration, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Exercise regularly. even the good walking routine will do the worthy.

Exercise facial muscles regularly. It is suggested that you Rotate your neck slowly, side to side. It helps in loosen the facial muscles.

Laugh loudly! This also helps to exercise the facial muscles.

It is adviced that you should wash your face several times a day with plain water.

Steam your face once a week to clean up clogged pores. Right after steaming, you should rub your face, neck and forehead vigorously to exfoliate the skin.

Whenever you dry your face, always pat dry it. Do not rub hard, scrub or pull your skin.

Avoid rapid or excessive weight loss. The more quickly you lose your weight, the more you are to have a problem with excess skin.

Ensure a good night's sleep. It rests and nourishes your skin.

Consume diet which is rich in Vitamin A, it very much prevents apatchy, dry or rough skin. It is also beneficial for people who haveacne pimples.

Vitamin B prevents spots on the face.

Don't forget to use a moisturizer after exfoliation. It helps to protects it from over drying.

Excess use of alcohol based perfumes and deodorants can cause brown patches and dryness.

Avoid going out in the direct sun when using perfume. Spray on your clothes instead of directly on the skin.

A warm oil hair massage regularly is a must.

Be careful when you use a conditioner, avoid using it on the scalp, only on the hair strands.

Do not apply the shampoo directly onto the hair. Take some water on your palm of your hand and mix the shampoo first before applying on the hair.

After you shampoo your hairs, it is always better to rinse the hair too.

Avoid using cosmetics, perfume or deodorants that usually contain alcohol if your nails are brittle. This will only make your nails worse.

Fresh Carrot juice is really high in calcium and phosphorus and is excellent for strengthening nails.

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