Saturday, June 14, 2014

Get Rid Of Body Odour Naturally

Get Rid Of Body Odour Naturally
Hate body Odour?? Problem with excessive sweating ? Follow these simple tips to say bye-bye to body odour this summer.

Water not only cleanses your body but it also prevents underarm odour and having at least two showers in a day is hygienic and will help fighting excessive sweat and get rid of the bad odour.

Wearing clothes of cotton helps your skin to breath and you can feel better,avoid other fabrics.

Lime helps you in reducing sweat and prevent body odour and also bleach your under arm. You can rub half  lime on your arms. You may feel mild irritation.If you are suffering from rashes then avoid using lime.

Antiperspirants and deodorants can help to some extent in keeping body odour at bay but it may not hold for long long time.

Eat healthy diet and lose weight because excess weight leads to excessive sweat. If your weight is normal then you need to include more fibre to your diet.

Apply vinegar on your underarms before sleeping at night and let it dry.Wash off the next morning.

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