Friday, June 13, 2014

Top 5 Healthy Chinese Food

Lettuce Rolls
Chinese food is my favorite even from all over the world people love Chinese food. It is famous for seasonings, aromatic flavor and colors. Carving fried rice, momos, soups, noodles, Manchurians is endless. But what do you think are they healthy? If you think yes than it’s not true all foods in Chinese are not healthy in nature. 

In today’s post will discuss the top 5 healthy Chinese food that are really great for you.

Lettuce rolls

Serving: 1

Type: Non-Vegetarian

Lettuce rolls are very crunchy and simple Chinese rolls. You don’t need to cook them. This roll is very healthy in nature. 

Ingredients: Unripe mango, lettuces, carrot, radish, grapefruit, spring onions, peanuts and bean sprouts.

Nutrition Value: Fat 3g, Protein 4g, fibre 4 g, carbs 13 g and calories 86k

Thin stemmed broccoli with fried shallots and hoisin sauce

stemmed broccoli with fried shallots
Serving: 1

Type: Vegetarian

This food can be eaten as main course and can be eaten as a side dish. This is very easy to prepare and is low fat healthy food. 

Ingredients: Garlic, shallots, hosin sauce and steamed broccoli.

Nutrition value: fat 1 g, protein 3g, fibre 2g, carbs 3g and calories 35k.

Spicy rice with poached egg
Spicy rice with poached egg

Serving: 1

Type: Vegan

This is very healthy and nutritious Chinese food which can be prepared in 30 minutes. This dish is full of Vitamin C, Iron, fibre and folic acid. 

Ingredients: Basmati rice, onion, egg, frozen peas and green pepper.

Nutrition value: protein 50 g, fat 31g, fibre 6g, carbs and calories 711k.

Asian style tofu and cucumber noodles
Asian style tofu and cucumber noodles

Serving 1

Type Vegan

This is amazing Chinese food which is prepared with tofu and noodles. Peanut and chilli is delicious flavor in this dish. This flavor adds tastiness in this dish. 

Ingredients: root ginger, egg noodles, tofu, cucumber, red chili, peanuts and lime.

Nutrition Value:  protein 10g, fat 6g, fiber 1g carbs 24g and calories 179k.

Stir fried rice with bacon and cabbage

Stir fried rice with bacon and cabbage
Serving 1

Type: Non Vegetarian

This is yummy and Chinese rice dish which is loved by non vegetarians. This would be tasty side dish for chicken or duck. 

Ingredients: Cabbage, bacon, spring onion, frozen petits pois, and basmati rice. 

Nutrition value: protein 8g, fat 8g, fibre 3g, carbs 29g and calories 212k.

This was the top 5 list of healthy mouth watering Chinese foods. So did you enjoy reading it? Try these healthy foods and let me know your view.

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