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Amazing Places to Visit in London

Places to Visit in London
London, the city which is known for its heritage and attractive places. This city is largest city in the world having population of about 8 million peoples. This is fashionable, global, cultural city, politics, trade and finance with most visited tourist place among the international tourists. There are many tourist places in London which can be visited easily. London Bridge which is very famous is known as the tube and has wide subway network in this world.

Westminster Abbey: this is a church which is mainly a Gothic and is located west to the palace of Westminster. This is very famous and old religious building located in United Kingdom. You can even find burial site and coronation for English and later British monarchs. Present building was re-constructed by Henry III in year 1245 to 1272 and it was built in Gothic style. Later this building was expanded in year 1503 to 1512 by the chapel of Henry VII. Two front towers were built in year 1745.

Palace of Westminster: This palace is known as house of parliament of UK. This building was rebuilt in 19th century after the old palace was under the wrap of fire. This building is an example of Victorian neo Gothic architecture. Towards the north of building is the House of Commons and is decorated by green leather upholstery. Towards the south is House of Lords and is decorated by red leather upholstery.

St. Paul Cathedral: This is one of the famous and most visit able tourist spot in London and is built in 17th century. This place is saved by firefighters as it was bombed during Second World War. By the inspiration of St. Peter Basilica located in Rome was done in dome and is 365 ft to the cross of summit. This was the tallest building which in London from 1710 to 19562. World’s highest dome is located here.

Tower of London: This tower was built by William the Conqueror in year 1078 and now its home of British Crown Jewel. From 1100 to the mid of 20th century it has served a prison. If it is said that sent to tower means imprisoned. This tower has some famous prisons like King Henry VI, Sir Thomas More, Anne Boleyn and wife of King Henry VIII known as Catherine Howard and Rudolp Hess. Today this place is very famous place and most visited place in London.

Places to Visit in London
London Eye: this is located at the bank of river Thames. This is high observation wheel which is 443 ft high and carries 32 exterior glass walled capsules. You can get amazing view of central London. Do you know this wheel does not stop but passenger need to move out and walk as its speed is very slow and is very popular tourist place in London. You need to take ticket before entering in it.

Buckingham Palace: this palace is residence of Very famous queen Elizabeth II and not its owned by British state and now it’s not a personal property. Between May and July the guard of palace change the cloths each morning and rest of the year they change the cloths every alternate days. In month of August and September the state rooms have been open to common man since 1993.

British Museum: This museum was established in year 1753 and is a museum of culture and human history. This museum has more than 2 million objects and is among the most comprehensive and largest museum in world. It has famous object Rosetta stone.

Tower Bridge: This Bridge is combination of suspension and Bascule Bridge in London. This bridge is located above river Thames. This bridge is also known as London’s bridge. It took eight year to construct this bridge and constructed started in year 1886. This is most iconic place in London.

So these were some most popular places in London. Visit this historic city and do let us know how your tour was. 

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