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Best Post-Workout Foods For You

Foods To Eat After Workout
Best Foods To Eat After Workout
When we talk about fitness there are many questions that a fitness expert hears every day and they are how to lose weight faster? How to get the most from workout? How to feel energized and burn more calories after every training session? There are many elements which may affect unique situation and simple answer is Eat more but eat right food, to maintain reduced weight one must do.
exercise and right food at correct time. It’s very important to eat healthy food after workout. If u stay energized, losing weight, building lean muscles and speedy recover.

Following are foods which should be eaten after workout.

Carbs and proteins are 2 keys to a good after workout meal. Egg has just 70 calories while it has 6.3 grams of protein and it naturally contains Vitamin D. Do you know cooked eggs are more beneficial than raw eggs?  Cooked eggs allow body to absorb twice more protein than protein present in raw eggs.

Brown rice has good content of carbs but it alone cannot complete with all the nutrition and vitamins which are found in Quinoa. It is also pronounced as Keen – wah. Quinoa contains more fiber and protein than brown rice and is prepared in very less time.

Kefir is a fermented milk drink which is made from a probiotic bacteria and it has become more popular among people who work out. In 1 cup of kefir there is 11-14 grams of protein. For maintaining lean muscle mass and to reduce weight speedily, Dairy products are very helpful. Kefir is tangy is taste. You can even mix it well with your favorite cereals and fruit and gain the protein in your body.

Bananas are very good source of carbs and carbs are needed after workout. Carbs present in bananas will help you to restore body’s level of glycogen. Good amount glycogen will help you to re construct the damaged necessary amount of protein. Bananas are also good source of potassium too.

Salmon not only contains large amount of protein but it also contains an anti inflammatory omega 3’s. These essential nutrients present in salmon helps to rebuild your muscle and even increase its perfection.

Blue berries
This fruit is tiny and blue in color but yet will help to give your body good amount of antioxidant which helps to boost energy after intensive body workout. Blue berries can triple rate of recovery after workout.

Whole grain pita and hummus
This recipe is also very easy to prepare and is one of the great meat free option to gain energy after workout. Hummus is made from chickpeas and contains good amount of carbs and proteins and pita slowly release carbs which will give you energy after workout. Whole grain pita and hummus is best food to eat after workout.

Above mentioned food were some simple and easy to prepare food which is best food to eat after workout. Stay healthy with a protein and carb rich food.

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