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12 Most Esstential Things You Must Have In Your Makeup Bag

What you need In Your Makeup Bag
When we see advertizing in tv, we have a tendency to get several beauty and makeup product from search, we have a tendency to accustomed fill shelves of makeup.

This results in overload of your makeup kit.
Today we are going to share along with your some essential for your makeup Bag and should have Makeup product.

Our makeup bag should have below mentioned beauty product.


Foundation is base of each makeup thus it’s should beauty product to own in an exceedingly makeup bag. To induce perfect look and even skin tone, you want to invest cash in sensible foundation. If you would like sensible coverage and even skin tone then get lightweight weight foundation. Before applying foundation make certain to mix it nicely. For mixing foundation you'll use your fingers to mix it properly.


Many girls have sensible skin, so that they prefers exploitation foundation however if you've got blemishes, acne, dark circles, pigmentation than you cannot say no to concealer. Thus this is often should have makeup product in your makeup bag. I even have pimples dark spots however foundation accustomed create my skin even however didn't cowl those terrible spots thus on behalf of me concealer is should. I exploit Maybelline dream Lummi bit concealer for dark spots. This helps me out of sight dark spots from my skin.


If you would like instant hint of color then blush is best beauty product.  If you would like freshness and quality in your face throughout day times that finance cash in blush is sweet plan. In market you\'ll opt for blush in keeping with your alternative. There are a pair of types of blush offered one in power kind and second in cream kind.

Kohl Pencil

Now a day’s dark black eyes are each girl’s favorite. For that kohl pencil is should. in keeping with your outfit you'll apply black or brown kohl Pencil. These 2 colours look sensible in Indian skin tone. I like shopping for Lakme eyeconic in brown shade kohl pencil, for black shade there are several brands offered in market. 

White kohl Pencil
Recently trend of kohl Pencil in white started. You want to provide twist to your eye makeup with white kohl pencil. After you use it on water level, it'll provide you with massive eyes. As a highlighter you'll use it on brow bone. Even it will be used higher than the Cupid bow to spotlight nicely your lips form, it’s extremely utile makeup product, and you want to have in your makeup bag. In market you'll simply realize white eye pencil. In Lakme you'll get eyeconic white pencil.


Mascara is among basic product for eye makeup. If you are doing not apply Khol its fine however while not mascara you can’t provide your eyes completely different illusion. Masacara will be applied while not eye shadow additionally. Thus it’s most essential beauty product in your makeup bag.


If you would like dramatic and engaging eyes, curler is shall. I like to recommend getting sensible curler which may provide wide rolled up lashes. you want to have curler in your makeup unhealthy.

Pearly eye shadow

To create attractive and delicate day look, pearly eye shadow is sweet choice. Apply pearly shadow with significant hand to induce excellent night look. If you add war paint in night makeup then it'll provide you with dramatic look.

Grey Eye Shadow

For night eye create, gray shade is important. You’ll choose smokey eyes with gray eye shadow or delicate paired with red daring shiny lips.

Red lipstick

This my favorite item in my makeup bag. I really like to wear red lipstick. Red is thus stylish and this shade of lipstick ne'er go obsolete. In keeping with skin tone you'll opt for red shade in lipstick. 

Sheer Gloss

If you would like recent and delicate look you'll use sheer gloss. You’ll apply gloss higher than any lipstick to offer shiny and shiny lips anytime’s. 

Nude Lipstick 

If, you would like traditional and not thus loud lips than you should go for nude lipstick. I really like to use it with sheer gloss because it offers shiny, shiny lips anytime I need. 

I hope you really liked reading this post. Currently rush to plug and buy makeup bag and fill it with higher than mentioned beauty product and have a stunning day!

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