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Amazing Top 5 Chapstick Lip Balms

Top 5 Chapstick Lip Balms
Chapstick is very popular brand name for lip balm all around the world. Pfizer Consumer Healthcare is its manufacturer. There are many competitors for this brand of lip balm but no one ever matched its standard.

The purpose to introduce Chapstick was to take care of the sunburned, cracked, chapped, windburned and chafed lips. Beewax, aloe, Vitamin E, camphor, mineral oil and menthol are its base ingredients excluding its flavor.  In 1880’s Dr. Charles Browne Fleet sold first lip balm of Chapstick in local market.

Now this amazing and elegant lip balm is loved by many girls worldwide. If you are a lip balm addict then you must have in your makeup bag.

Top 5 Chapstick lip balms are as follow:

Let us now discuss the top 5 Chapstick lip balms: 

Chapstick Lip Shield 365

Top 5 Chapstick Lip Balms
This lip balm moisturizes and protects your lips throughout the year. This lip balm contains SPF 50+ which helps to protect your lips from harmful UVB and UVA rays of the sun. This lip balm also protects your lips from wind and cold.

Lip Shield 365 is enriched with Vitamin E and antioxidant CoQ10 which makes it best lip balm of the world.

Chapstick Vanilla Crème Hydration Lock

Top 5 Chapstick Lip Balms
This lip balm is clinically proven lip balm which moisturize and protects your lips up to 8 hours. If you regularly apply this lip balm then this helps in revitalizing and improving appearance of your lips.

Chapstick Classic Original

Top 5 Chapstick Lip Balms
This lip balm is still loved and used by girls worldwide. It helps in preventing and healing the chafed and chapped lips by making them smooth and soft. Since era it has been loved by everyone. There are many variant of this lip balm like classic strawberry, Classic Spearmint, and Classic Cherry. I personally love its classic spearmint flavor.

Chapstick Flava- Craze

Top 5 Chapstick Lip Balms
This lip balm is light and super healthy. It prevents and moisturizes lips for long time. There are 3 types of lip balms available like fruit craze, flavatastic grape flavor and blue crazeberry flavor. 

Chapstick Mixstix

Top 5 Chapstick Lip Balms
This lip balm is amazing and unique as it has dual sided lip balm. It is using ultra hydrating formula and helps to keep lips moist and helps to protect your lips for 8 hour. This lip balm has 3 flavor lemon flavor, strawberry banana flavor and green apple caramel flavor. 

These were top 5 Chapstick lip balm available in market. Hope you find this interesting!
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