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Top 10 Healthy Indian Food

Healthy Indian Food
Healthy Indian Food

Indian food is loved by people from all over the world. It tastes great and is amongst the healthiest food that one can eat. If Indian food is prepared in its authentic and traditional style, it reveals and provides many health benefits.

Some of the Indian food secrets that keep you healthy are as follows:

Wheat Chapati or Roti

Roti or Chapati made from wheat is one of the most common Indian foods. It is a staple Indian diet dish. It is enriched with proteins that help to strengthen muscles, fiber which cleans the plague off from our blood vessels and has plenty of complex carbs that provide and sustains the energy in our body. The best part of a roti is that it has no fat at all. This roti is really healthy till you don’t add ghee to it.

Idli, pongal and Idiyappam

Other than Roti, Idli is one of the most common Indian foods. It is a south Indian dish which is very healthy and is available almost everywhere in India. Idli, pongal and idiyappam are a kind of light foods that help people to fight with digestion problems.

Plain Rice

A proper Indian meal is incomplete without rice. People love eating rice with curries and gravies. As less oil is used during its preparation, it is easier to digest and does not create any health problems


Fenugreek is a very common and healthy spice that is used in Indian dishes. It helps in maintaining the moisture level in the body. It also balances the heat level in the body keeping your body cool and calm from within.


Paneer or Indian cottage cheese is very healthy in nature. Indians love to eat paneer and dishes made using it. It is a great source of calcium which helps in maintaining strong bones and teeth. It is also a rich source of protein, vitamin B complex and vitamin D which is helpful is preserving good health.
Healthy Indian Food

Turmeric is another important and common spice used in Indian dishes. It is really great for health as it helps in treating colds, flues and inflammation. It is also antioxidant-rich in nature which is very beneficial in fighting with various health problems.


It is staple Gujrati popularly loved by Indians. It is made using gram flour and subsequently steamed. The flour is fermented which enhances its nutritive value. It has a low glycemic index which makes it good for diabetics.


Daliya is a popular cereal used mainly for breakfast in India. It is made with broken wheat or whole wheat grits. It is a complex carbohydrate which releases glucose on a sustained and slow rate which makes it really healthy for people who are diabetic, who have high cholesterol levels and for those who want to lose weight.


Sprouts are really good for health. They are a rich source of proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals. These nutrients are good for health and maintain the fitness of the body. Sprouts go through a germination process in which its nutrients are broken down into simplest forms which makes them easily absorbable by the body.

Yellow Lentils

Yellow lentils are commonly used in making breads in India. They are low in calories and really high in nutrients. They are fat-free and help in lowering the cholesterol levels in the body. It also helps in preventing our body from various heart problems and digestive issues. One cup of cooked lentils provides 230 calories only, but still they make you feel fully satisfied. 

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