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Home Remedies for Treating Split Ends

Home Remedies for Treating Split Ends
Hair is very essential adornment of our body. This is enhancing your splendor. Can you ever imagine yourself without hair? No can’t ever imagine. There is an average of 150k hairs on a human head. Our hairs need to fight with sun dust, pollution, wind, straighter, curlers, gel and other beauty products. These treatments make our hair suffer a lot. Thus due to this many women have a complaint of having dry and frizzy hair with lots of split ends.

Split ends are due to excessive mechanical stress, heat and dryness. Well the good news is that you don’t need to invest a lot on expensive cosmetics or in expensive salon. Just open your kitchen cupboard or refrigerator and I am sure you will definitely find effective way to treat with your split ends.

Reason for split ends

Exposure of your hair to the heat, sun, pollution or dust

Over washing of your hairs

Excessive use of styling tools like straighter and curlers

Washing your hair with hot water

Not oiling your hair

Using chemically treated products like colors, perms etc.

Easy and effective home remedy for split ends


Egg is best remedies for split ends, dullness and dryness. There are many ways by which you can apply egg to your hair.

Mix egg with almond or olive oil and honey together and after 30 minutes wash your hairs.

Take 1 beaten egg and spoon of water and apply to your hair as a shampoo.

Take 2 eggs and add orange juice and 1 banana and mix them nicely and apply them as a hair mask. After 30 minutes, wash your hairs.


Take half cup of yogurt and one ripe papaya. Blend them together and make a pulpy paste. Use this as a hair mask. After 30 min. , wash your hairs. 

Castor oil

Take castor oil in that add olive oil and mustard oil. With this oil massage your hair to get split ends free hair. Let this stay on your hair for 30 minutes. You can wrap your hair with shower cap or towel for best result. Later wash your hair and shampoo your hair.


Take half cup of milk and a tsp of cream. Nicely whisk it. For 15 minutes let it stay on your hair. Later wash your hair with shampoo.


Honey is excellent treatment for split ends. Mix them with tsp of curd and honey. With this mixture massage your hair. Let this stay on your head for 20 minutes. After that, wash your hair with a mild shampoo. 


Beer is excellent for your hair it is even known as great conditioner. You can wash your hair with beer after shampoo as it will give you shine and glam to your hair. So want to have split end free hair? Wash your hair with beer after every wash. 

These were some amazing home remedy to treat with hair problem like split end. Do you know some other remedy? Kindly get back to us so that we can include those remedies too.

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