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Home Remedy for Varicose Veins

Home remedy for varicose veins
Home remedy for varicose veins
If you see red or black in color line at the skin’s surface then it’s Varicose Veins . These are an abnormally enlarged vein which appears very close to the skin’s surface. Many of us find these veins at our thighs or calves and which is due to malfunctioning valves inside your veins as an obstruction of the veins.
Don’t worry! You can treat varicose veins easily at home. 
Those people who sit or stand for long period of time or gone through pregnancy or do less exercises or have excessive weight or prolonged constipation or people who sit with crossed leg are those who mostly develop varicose veins. People who lift heavy weight may also develop with varicose veins as they put increased pressure on legs. To prevent and treat with various veins one can use support stocking or socks. Even people who face with liver disease, abdominal tumors and heart failure can contribute to the formation of varicose veins. Another major factor of varicose veins is heredity. A deficiency of bioflavonoids and vitamin C can weaken the collagen structure in the vein walls which results to varicose veins. Around the world there are 10% of the people who suffer from varicose veins and this disease is very common.

Women are more affected than man. Sometimes complications may emerge if varicose veins are not treated properly. The characteristic are very common like restlessness, itching, swelling, leg sores, leg cramps, itching, feeling of heaviness in your legs and fatigue.

We had told that varicose can be treated easily at home so read on our easy home remedy to treat with varicose veins.

Following are home remedies which you can do yourself are as follow:
Consume Chestnut for varicose veins: Consuming chestnut is very beneficial in treating with varicose veins. Chestnut has an astringent property in it which acts as a fine tonic for your blood circulation. Chestnut contains Aescin which is main compound in this herb which releases enzymes which is responsible for damaging your capillary walls. Consuming chestnut can relieves symptoms like pain and swelling and strengthening blood vessel walls.

Eat balanced diet for varicose veins: If you have varicose veins than you should consume balanced diet which should include fresh vegetables, fruits and fish. Your diet should be low in carbohydrates and fat.

Include grape seed for varicose veins: We eat delicious grapes and their seeds are thrown out. Do you know these seeds are loades with flavonoids, vitamin E, antioxidants oligomeric proanthocyanidin and linoleic acid. These compounds are also found grapes skin. Antioxidants present in grapes seeds give strength to connective tissue of blood vessel and thus leads to less inflammation. They protect veins, capillaries and arteries from damage and enhance the performance of Vitamin C which is very essential for collagen formation. They  also the elasticity and tone of capillary walls. Grape seeds makes capillary walls more resistant to ruptures, hemorrhages and infection.

To prevent with veins varicose massage with grape seed oil: Many people don’t like to eat grape seeds so they can use grape seed oil to massage the affected area. This oil contains oligomeric proanthocyanidin (OPC) which will give anti inflammatory properties in it. Massage with this oil will strengthen and repair damaged blood vessels and capillaries which will improve blood circulation. Even you can add certain essential oil like olive, sesame and coconut oil.

Pink bark for varicose veins: Using pink bark will be one of the best herbs for treatment of varicose veins. They contain antioxidant OPC to treat with varicose veins. Pink bark from pine tree helps to repair tissues and improve blood circulation in your body. The active ingredients in pink bark known as pycnogenol is very beneficial in treating varicose veins. OPC also helps to get relief from leg swelling, edema, tight calves and pain while walking. Pink bark extract is used to improve collagen in blood vessel walls and strengthen and gives more elasticity to your capillaries. Pink bark also improves blood circulation and reduces blood pressure in your body.  Do consume pink bark to treat with varicose veins.

Home remedy for varicose veins

Gotu kola for varicose veins: Since long time Gotu Kola is used by Ayurveda for treating various diseases. Now a days herbal medicine use gotu kola for varicose veins as it reduce swelling, fatigue, pain, fluid leakage and sensation of heaviness. Consuming gotu kola will strengthen connective tissue which will cure as well as prevent from varicose veins. Gotu kola leaves contain triternes which will improve the tone of veins and of Varicose Veins.

Bleaching clay or Mulatni Mitti pack for varicose veins: Bleaching clay is used in Indian folk medicine to treat with several skin related issues. In India, we call iit as a Mulatni Mitti. It is a toner ad finer cleanser as it has absorbent property in it.  Mulatni Mitti contains calcium which treats varicose veins. Till now no accurate research is done to treat with this disease but yes it can give relief from swelling.

Essential oil for varicose veins :  One of the important and home remedy for varicose veins include applying correct amount of ingredient on them so that they function properly and circulate right amount of blood to heart. If correct essential oil is combined together and applied on varicose veins then they improve flow and get rid of these problems.

Marigold flower for varicose veins: Marigold which is also known as calendula officinalis. This flower contains triterpenes as well as flavonoids which are very beneficial in treating varicose veins. Triterpenes improves the tone of veins and make them less painful. Marigold is used in many medicines as it has several qualities like bleeding control, anti inflammation and has healing agent for damaged tissues. One can use marigold petals to cure swelling due to varicose veins. One can expand its use to get rid of varicose veins completely.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Varicose Veins: Apple Cider Vinegar is known as magical liquid which is used to cure many diseases including all types of swelling, pains, heartburns and Varicous veins. Apple cider vinegar improves blood circulation which rules or swelling and bulging of veins. Even pain related of varicose veins pain.

Easy home remedy for varicose veins :

Include onions, ginger, garlic in your diet is beneficial.

One should consume diet with high fiber to prevent constipation and to clean bowels in varicose veins.

One should avoid processed and refined foods. Even should avoid sugar, fried foods, ice cream, junk foods, peanuts and cheese.

Do exercises daily at home like walking and bicycling to promote good circulation of blood and maintain healthy weight.

Do not wear tight cloths as they reduce blood flow. Wear cotton cloths.

Avoid sitting or standing for long time and putting and lifting heavy thing which gives pressure on legs.

To reduce pain fill water in a tub and keep your leg in it.

Never stretch or itchy the skin above varicose veins which can cause bleeding and ulceration.

After batching, do apply castor oil at affected area and massage it for 15 minutes.

These were some simple home remedy for varicose veins. Do apply and get rid of pain and swelling.
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