Saturday, September 6, 2014

This New Trend Of Hula-Hooping Is Actually Effective In Weight-Loss

Hula Hooping - A new Fitness Trend
Keeping fit, in-shape and slim doesn’t demands to be chore, especially if you find an exercise that is fun to do and really effective you can surely look forward to it. 
Hula hooping is one such fun and exciting way of exercising. It is a new fitness trend. It is similar to a moving meditation. You lose yourself in the movement; you have fun while hula hooping and you don’t even realize that you are exercising hard!! 

Hula hopping is actually a physical activity where you try to revolve a round shaped hoop around your waist, belly, arms and legs. This hula hoop has a span about 45 inches in diameter and weighs about 2 pounds. It helps to burn as many as calories as kickboxing and aerobics. 

According to The American Council, this exercises helps you in burning around 420 calories in an hour. Isn’t it just amazing? I mean, you play the music, practice hula hooping for an hour and voila!! You have burnt your 450 calories.

 Hula hooping not only keeps you fit and in-shape but also helps you in lifting out from depression. It does have a very positive impact of our body and mind. 

Hula hooping is loved by people of all ages from all over the world. Even the kids love hula hooping- they try to revolve it, they giggle, they drop the hoop, they pick it up again, laugh and have fun!! 

The most important factor that any other exercise of staying fit like treadmill and morning walker doesn’t have is its happy factor. Many of us don’t realize the time while undergoing a session of hula hooping. It is that much fun!!

There are so many hula hooping classes that have been opened by the hula masters while there are small classes of hula hooping are held at the gyms and other fitness centers. They have an hour long session which is fun and frolic in all means. But if you are wondering that this activity of hula hooping has been discovered in recent time and is new, then you are totally wrong. There are evidences that have proved that ancient Greeks and Egyptians whirled hoops around their belly in order to have fun and maintain their fitness. 

Hula hooping is more often practiced by people at their homes. It doesn’t require any special set-up or environment. All what you need is a hoop and enough room to swing it. Around your hooping area you must have a music system and the area would be like the icing on the cake. This is the most inexpensive, effective and fun way to exercise.

Let me now tell the fitness and health benefits associated with hula hooping. They are as follows:

The most important benefit associated with hula hooping is that you stay in-shape and fit.

You will be able to that extra lose weight in just few weeks as it helps in burning up to 450 calories in an hour.

As the muscles of your body are involved in hooping, it tends to strengthen your muscles. 

It works on abs and core too.

Helps you fight depression.

This helps to make you slim and thin and you will get a flat stomach.

No wonder hula hooping is a new fitness trend. I am happy to find such a fun and exciting way to stay fit and in-shape as following harsh long workout sessions in gym were really tough for me!! All I need is a 1.5kg weight hula hoop and little bit of practice!! I am including hula hooping in my daily fitness regime from the day forth, what about you? 
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