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These Tiny Changes In Eating Can Help You Lose Weight Faster

Raw food Diet For Weight Loss
Weight loss does not have to be hard, painful and full of denial. You don’t need to be deprived and depressed. It is myth that you need to stay hungry if you want to reduce weight. You can also reduce weight easily and without cutting of your meals and staying. All you need to do is to reduce your diet and adapt raw food in your diet for weight loss.

The aim behind raw food diet is that plant foods which are not cooked and unprocessed and are the most natural state are the most wholesome for body. 

So, raw food diet is more of a lifestyle choice than just a weight loss program.

Do remember, sticking to a proper raw food diet is not that easy. If you want to go for a raw food diet, than be ready to spend more time in kitchen for chopping, peeling, blending, peeling, dehydrating and straining . It is because this diet is made up of 80% fruits and vegetables. The staples of a raw food diet include whole grains, sprouts, dried fruits, seaweed, beans sprouted seeds and nuts. Alcohol, refined sugars and caffeine should be ignored. 

There are four rules for raw food weight loss, which you really need to know. Those simple rules are as follows:

Rule 1: Eat Raw

Here types and variety of food you eat remains the same, you just start eating the raw food. There are many options for you to eat. For example, you may eat raw nuts, dried vegetables, seeds, raw fish like sashimi, , ceviche, cured fish or cold smoked fish. You can also eat some super foods and some raw soups of cucumber, raw meats (steak tartar and filet American), sprouted breads, bagels, tortilla wraps, raw cakes, alcoholic drinks, ice-creams, smoothies, juices, cookies, juices, snacks etc. You need to take care that everything you eat. It should be unprocessed, uncooked and raw in nature.

Rule 2: Eat Organic

Organic foods contain many nutrients than conventional grown foods. This is main advantage of eating organic food. This food contains alkalizing minerals which helps reducing weight easily.

Rule 3: Eat Alkaline

Eating alkalizing foods automatically makes you thin. To simply differentiate, herbs and all green vegetables are alkalizing while some seeds, nuts and fruits are slightly in acid form. And acid in your body makes you fat.  You can achieve long term and healthy weight loss if your body has an alkaline pH. One can test the alkaline pH in body by yourself using pH test strips that are very easily available in the market.

Rule 4: Eat Delicious

If you are not eating delicious, you cannot succeed on a raw food diet for weight loss. Your food has to be delicious and fresh, if you want to take benefits from it and you want to reduce weight.

So these were 4 simple rules of raw food diet for weight loss. If you follow 4 of these rules, you can easily reduce weight. Are you wondering, how can one prepare meals with raw foods? It is simple.

You do not have to use a traditional stove or oven to prepare your meal. Using a food dehydrators are a much better option. They lend crunch to vegetables and cookies. This food dehydrator works with heat. One should not increase temperature more than 114 or 118 degree. It is believe that if you cook vegetables it will kill the vital nutrients present in food. So, traditional stoves and ovens are not advised to cook food.

Raw food diet is very healthy. It not only helps you in reduce weight, but also reduces the risk of oral gastric, pharynageal, esophageal,and laryngeal cancer. 

ADA -The American Dietetic Association offers simple guidelines for raw food diet. They are as follows:

You must eat at least eight serving of calcium rich foods like figs, cabbage, tempeh, bok choy in a day.

Eat fortified nutritional breakfast cereals, yeast and fortified soy milk for B12
Include flaxseeds and walnuts in your meals. These are a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

Eat iron-rich foods like cashews, legumes, tofu and almonds.
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