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The 7 Best Healthy Fat Foods For You

Top 7 Healthy Fatty Foods
We usually get to hear that fat is blamed for all of life’s ails. I agree to the fact that fat makes us gain weight and does contribute to various chronic diseases. Some fats or saturated fat are good for our health. Fats help in increasing our HDL cholesterol or good cholesterol and tend to decrease the risk of heart disease.

In this article, I shall be sharing the top 7 healthy fatty foods that are good for you and you can eat them without any guilt in your mind. 

The top 7 healthy fatty foods are as follows:

Top 7 Healthy Fatty Foods

Avocados are high in fat. Most of the fat present in avocados is heart-healthy kind and monounsaturated in nature which actually helps in lowering the level of bad cholesterol. Though, eating under moderation is suggested, but you can have one medium avocado or replacing mayo with avocado slices on your sandwich will be a better option. 


Top 7 Healthy Fatty Foods

Eggs are good source of protein. They are healthy and inexpensive in nature. We all know that egg yolk contains good amount of fat along with some vital nutrients. Thus these eggs are good for our body. It not only controls our nervous system and brain but also tends to improve heart health.

Olive Oil

Top 7 Healthy Fatty Foods

Olive oil is majorly used in all Mediterranean recipes which is one of the best healthy diets. It reduces the risk of heart disease, blood pressure and many types of cancer. But 1 tbsp of olive oil contains 100 calories; therefore it is suggested to consume it under moderation especially if you are watching your weight.


Top 7 Healthy Fatty Foods

Nut eaters are usually seen thin and are less prone to heart disease. Almonds, pistachios and walnuts are good for our overall health. They are a very rich source of various nutrients like vitamin E, omega-3s and carotenoids that tend to keep us fit and healthy.
Nut butter

Top 7 Healthy Fatty Foods

Nut butter is yet another source of healthy fats. Amongst them, butter from peanut is the best. You can use cashew butter or almond butter if you want to try some more nut butters. These butters tend to boost fiber and protein intake which is good for our health.


Top 7 Healthy Fatty Foods

Do you know one ounce of coconut contains more saturated fat than butter? Health experts also have suggested to not to over-consume coconut cause it may clog your arteries. But don’t worry; I have a good new here. Coconut when consumed under moderation helps in protection our heart against many serious diseases and tends to boost the level of good cholesterol. This makes it healthy for our body but when consumed under moderation.

Sour cream

Top 7 Healthy Fatty Foods

You have been hearing to avoid sour cream if you wish to stay fit. Though the fact that it contains a lot of fat can not be denied, but you really need to know the brighter side of sour cream. Normal serving of sour cream is 2 tbsp. This provides 52 calories that is half the amount of fat present in 1tbsp mayonnaise and less than the amount of saturated fat which you get from 12 ounce of reduced-fat milk. One essential thing to keep in mind is, you get natural healthy animal fat when you consume sour cream, and not that dangerous trans-fat which is harmful for health. Therefore, it is proved that sour cream is also healthy in nature if taken under moderation.

They say ‘Moderation is the key to healthy and happy life’. I totally agree with it. Excessive of everything is bad. All the listed foods are healthy for our body if we consume them under moderation. 
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