Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Know Which Common Foods That You Eat Are cheap & Healthy

Top 9 Cheap Healthy Foods
Cost of food in rising day by day and we all wish to save money on groceries. People have a myth that food that costs the least is bad for our health. And like I said, it is a MYTH!! There are lots of cheap foods that are healthy for us. The prices of these cheap healthy foods are pocket friendly. Not only price, but they are also loaded with lots of health benefits in them.

The top 9 cheap healthy foods are as follows:

Brown Rice

Brown rice is easily available in the market. They are great for rice soups, salads, fried rice, stews and casseroles. ¼ cup dry rice is a perfect serving. Brown rice contains fiber – 2g, protein – 4g and calories 170.

Multigrain Pasta

Pastas are always delightful. They are great for all cold and hot pasta dishes. 2 ounces of dried pasta is a perfect serving. It contains about 7g protein, 6g fiber and 200 calories.

Whole-wheat bread

100% whole-wheat bread is a very healthy option. It’s great for hot and cold sandwiches, bread pudding, breakfast strata and bread stuffing. 2 slices of this bread is taken as a perfect serving. Whole wheat bread contains about fiber – 3g, protein – 6g and calories - 120.

Non-fat greek yogurt

Yogurt is known for various heath benefits associated with it. It is a great quick snack. It is also great for smoothies and parfaits made with fruit and granola. Around 6 to 8 ounce of yogurt is considered as a perfect serving. Non – fat greek yogurt contains protein – 14g, calories - 150 with no fiber at all. 


Oats are healthy and cheap. They are great for cold or hot cereal, crumb topping for desserts, muffins and granola. ½ cups of dry oats is considered as a perfect serving. Oats contains protein – 5g, fiber – 4g and calories 150.

Frozen vegetables

Frozen vegetables are no doubt cheap and healthy. You can easily get a bag of 12 to 24 ounce of frozen vegetables easily in the nearby super market. Mostly this frozen vegetable contains organic peas, green beans and chopped spinach. In 1 cup serving of frozen mixed veggies provides protein – 4g, fiber – 6g and calories 82.


Beans are good for our heart. They are a powerhouse food. Beans are perfect for soups, salads and side-dishes. 1 cup beans - (252g) contain protein - 13.83g, dietary fiber - 13.36g and calories – 237.


Eggs no wonder are one of the most eaten cheap and healthy food in all over the world. Eggs are easily available in supermarkets and in local market. Eggs are loved by all. Eggs are loaded with protein other essential nutrients that are good for our health. It contains 68 calories, 7.45g fat and 6g protein. 

Dried lentils 

Lentils are easily available in the market. They are great for salads, stews, soups, casseroles and lot more. ¼ cup dried lentils is considered as a perfect serving. It contains protein – 10g, fiber – 11g and calories 120.

The foods in this list are so common and easily available. We often tend to ignore the basic facts associated with the food that is available around us. I am sure many of the foods listed are must be a part of your daily diet. Do let me know which foods amongst all are your favorites? Also let me know which cheap healthy foods would you like to include in this list? Shoot out with your answers via comments section below.


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